Nagios SLA Reports

With Nagios SLA Reports, you get what you pay for with Service-Level Agreement (SLA) reports. SLAs are frequently used to formally define the level of service between two parties. SLAs help set a level of accountability for a service delivered and enable the quality of the service to be benchmarked. Keeping track of the extent to which service-level agreements are being met provides greater visibility when problems arise. Monitoring services and specific hosts helps ensure you’re receiving the full level of service agreed upon in your SLA.

How Nagios Can Help Deliver Automated (or Not) SLA Reports

Nagios’ SLA reports provide you with the ability to measure the effectiveness of specific hosts, services, and business processes, so you can determine if your SLAs are being met. Nagios schedules SLA reports to be regularly delivered right to your inbox (or someone else’s) so you can get an overall glimpse into your network performance statistics.


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With Nagios, you can:

  • Measure the effectiveness of specific hosts
  • Schedule reports for active overview of performance statistics
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Be alerted to outage possibilities before they happen
  • Reduce downtime

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Nagios XI dashboard

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