Manufacturing Titans Use Nagios

Titans Monitor Everything

Manufacturing titans like General Motors, General Electric, BMW and Procter & Gamble build incredible systems that go through the steps turning raw materials in to manufactured goods we all use every day. The advances in manufacturing bring more and more technology into the picture, and the tolerances that item have while being manufactured are getting tighter and tighter.

Reduce Waste, Strict Tolerances

Much of the current day manufacturing process is monitored by an array of sensors and information directly form the equipment used to turn out the parts. Leading manufacturers need to rely on the best in class IT software and system they can monitor all of the sensors, IT equipment and networks on all of their manufacturing floors. Additionally logistics providers use nagios to keep the manufactured goods moving.

Top Solutions for Innovation Leaders

Key manufacturers use Nagios’ comprehensive software suite to monitor equipment and sensors on the manufacturing floor, including the little things like paint thickness on parts. Nagios provides pro-active alerts so actions can be taken preventing or reducing downtime and keeping systems online. Monitoring of key performance metrics provides invaluable information necessary to plan and budget for future system upgrades, or prepare for required maintenance.
Manufacturers who implement Nagios solutions receive instant notifications of network, communication and system outages that can affect their production. Once alerted, IT staff can resolve problems fast, thus lessening the impact of outages, reducing or eliminating downtime.

Nagios can provide these industry leaders:

  • Improved Operational Awareness
  • Be alerted of problems before they occur
  • Improved public visibility and credibility
  • Improved ROI on IT systems
  • Improved operation efficiency

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