Keeping Retailers Online

Top Retailers Stay Online 24/7

Retailers large and small have all have to keep their IT operation running to continue to sell goods. In today‚Äôs marketplace it doesn’t matter if you are Amazon E-tailing to all of the Internet, Walmart running a Superstore or 10 location convenience store chain, all need to be able to keep their IT equipment online and functional or you cannot process orders.
These organizations need to operate 24 hours a day to meet these expectations. Retail leaders choose Nagios to keep their equipment online and functioning.

Eliminate Point of Sale & Website Downtime

Leading retailers use Nagios for monitoring and alerting of possible bottlenecks or problems. By providing pro-active alerts downtime are drastically reduced, keeping systems online and the POS equipment running.
Monitoring of key performance metrics provides invaluable information necessary to plan and budget for future system upgrades, or prepare for required maintenance.
Retailers large and small implement Nagios so they can receive instant notifications of website, POS or other systems or network outages. Unnoticed these can affect their public image, operational efficiency, or even bring their POS equipment to a grinding halt if connectivity is lost. Once alerted, IT staff can resolve problems more quickly, thus lessening the impact of outages, reducing or eliminating downtime.

Nagios deployed in retail locations can:

  • Improved customer expectations
  • Improved website availability
  • Reduce or eliminate downtime
  • Improved public visibility and credibility
  • Improved ROI on IT systems
  • Improved operation efficiency

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