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Nagios Fusion

A Centralized View of Your Monitoring Infrastructure

Centralized View and Outage Visibility

Empower IT operations staff and management with lightning-fast, at-a-glance insights into issues spanning your entire IT infrastructure.

With a global perspective on monitoring server operations, you can effortlessly identify remote server outages and facilitate prompt remedial failover operations.

Simple Connectivity and Comprehensive Server Support

Remove the hassle of dedicated VPN links and custom firewall rules with remote monitoring servers accessible through HTTP or HTTPS.

Seamlessly integrate with Nagios Core, Nagios XI, and Nagios Log Server for unparalleled infrastructure-wide visibility. Welcome to a new era of streamlined IT management.

Distributed Monitoring and Scalability Without Limits

Easily scale your monitoring as your organization grows. With remote Nagios servers, you can distribute monitoring and performance graphing load to expand your monitoring environment without burdening the central node.

As a result, you can eliminate the complexity of configurations, data transfer issues, and dual-node management for limitless scalability for your evolving infrastructure.

De-Centralized Management and Managed Service Bliss

Enable geographically separated teams to manage individual monitoring servers while central operations staff gain access to all servers.

In addition, managed service providers (MSPs) can utilize distributed operation to avoid the overhead and complexities of dedicated VPN connections for keeping tabs on monitoring servers.


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Comprehensive Dashboards

Get a high-level overview of your distributed environments and gain insight into the health of your network.


Centralized Management

Sysadmins have the ability to centrally manage their monitoring servers regardless of geographical location.


Easy Authentication

Users can submit their server credentials once and access all of their monitoring servers from within Fusion.

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Customizable Views

Get insights on top alert producers, recent alerts, incidents, and custom server metrics all on a rotating dashlet.

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Nagios Log Server Integration

With Nagios Log Server integration, you can see your entire Nagios ecosystem in one place.

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Organized Server Environment

Users have quick access to XI servers while maintaining an overall view of network health.


Advanced User Management

Multi-Tenancy capabilities allow IT teams to work together efficiently and keep the network running smoothly.

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Complete System Control

Have complete control over system settings, improving bandwidth utilization by allowing you to manage polling frequency.

Pricing Plans

Gain a comprehensive, bird’s-eye view of your entire infrastructure today with Nagios Fusion.

Fusion License

Gain at-a-glance insights into infrastructure-wide issues.


Global network analysis

Limitless scalability

Distributed monitoring


Integrates with all other Nagios solutions

Customizable views

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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Pricing for Fusion licenses is determined by the number of Fusion instances you intend to deploy.

Each deployment of Fusion requires a separate license. There are no restrictions on the number of Nagios Core or Nagios XI instances that can be integrated with each Fusion deployment.

Nagios Fusion is supported by our team of professionals.

Forum support is included in the base license price for Nagios Fusion. Optional email and phone support contracts are available to customers who require additional support services.


We distribute Nagios Fusion as a virtual machine to ensure you get it up and running quickly. Manual installation is possible to physical servers running RHEL or CentOS and is available to customers that require it.

The initial purchase of any of our commercial solutions includes the first year of support and maintenance benefits.

Support & Maintenance benefits enable customers to receive access to version upgrades for one year, plus, direct ticket support (up to ten incidents), and access to the customer-only support forum.