Centralized View

Provides IT operations staff and management with quick, at-a-glance visual indication of problems anywhere across your IT infrastructure.

De-Centralized Management

Allows geographically separated teams to manage their own individual monitoring servers, while providing central operations staff with access to all servers.

Distributed Monitoring

Fusion is designed to scale with your organization. Remote Nagios servers distribute the load associated with monitoring and performance graphing. As your infrastructure grows, your monitoring environment can expand without increasing load or management requirements at the central node. Fusion alleviates the need for complex configurations, data transfer problems, and having to manage changes on both central and distributed nodes.

Scalability Without Limits

Designed with unlimited scalability in mind. Remote Nagios servers distribute the load associated with monitoring and performance graphing. As your infrastructure grows, your monitoring environment can expand without increasing load or management requirements at the central node.

Comprehensive Server Support

Integrates with both Nagios Core and Nagios XI monitoring servers to provide infrastructure-wide visibility.

Simple Connectivity

Remote monitoring servers need only be accessible via HTTP or HTTPS, removing the need for dedicated VPN links and custom firewall rules.

Outage Visibility

Provides IT staff with a global view of monitoring server operations, making it easy to spot remote server outages and initiate remedial failover operations.

Managed Service Bliss

Distributed operation allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to easily keep tabs on monitoring servers installed at their clients’ remote locations without the overhead or complexity of persistent VPN connections. Request a Quickstart for Nagios Fusion


Comprehensive Dashboard

A powerful home screen dashboard provides users with a high-level overview of their monitoring servers and distributed environments in order to gain valuable insight to the overall health of their network.

Centralized Server Management

Fusion provides system administrators with the ability to centrally manage their monitoring servers regardless of their geographical location. Fuse servers from across the globe in one master dashboard for instant network analysis.

Easy Authentication

Nagios Fusion allows users to submit their server credentials once and access all of their monitoring servers from within Fusion. Easily access individual XI servers with the click of a button in order to drill down to specific network problems.

Customizable Views

Create custom views to see exactly what is happening on your network. Get insights on top alert producers, recent alerts, network incidents, and custom server metrics all on a rotating dashlet. Display in a NOC with useful, actionable data sets to ensure efficient, timely response to network problems.

Organized Server Environment

Provide users with quick access to XI servers while maintaining an overall view of network health. Nagios Fusion provides users with a way to organize their entire monitoring environment without losing the ability to drill down to specific network problems.

Advanced User Management

Multi-Tenancy capabilities allow IT teams to work together efficiently and effectively to keep the network running smoothly. Customizable access levels allow for system administrators to maintain a safe and secure system, while providing specific access to the monitoring dashboards.


We're using Nagios to monitor everything in our network...Nagios rocks!
Technical Operations Cablesurf
Nagios rocks. We've been using it in production...and it has definitely allow[ed] us to get a better look at things as well as be much more proactive to network issues.
CTO pvbb.net
Nagios is a great software. I wouldn't use any other monitoring suite.
Systems Administrator Santa Fe Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for Fusion licenses is determined by the number of Fusion instances you intend to deploy. Each deployment of Fusion requires a separate license. There are no restrictions on the number of Nagios Core or Nagios XI instances that can be integrated with each Fusion deployment.

Nagios Fusion is supported by our team of professionals. Forum support is included in the base license price for Nagios Fusion. Optional email and phone support contracts are available to customers who require additional support services.

Yes! We distribute Nagios Fusion as a virtual machine to ensure you get it up and running quickly. Manual installation is possible to physical servers running RHEL or CentOS and is available to customers that require it.

Other Questions

Have other questions related to Nagios Fusion? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get you the answers.

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