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Founded in 2007 and located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Nagios delivers world-class
products and services for IT monitoring and security. At Nagios, we are
committed to helping companies with their IT infrastructure needs.

Nagios Enterprises delivers official products, services, and solutions for and around Nagios® – the industry standard in enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring. With millions of users worldwide, Nagios is the undisputed champion in the IT monitoring space.

Our team of dedicated professionals works to ensure total customer satisfaction with all the services we provide. Our extensive network of partners helps extend Nagios services and solutions to new organizations and markets worldwide to meet a variety of business needs.

Nagios Enterprises was founded in 2007 by Ethan Galstad. Ethan created what would later become known as Nagios in 1999.

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Ethan Galstad – Founder, CEO

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Nagios Enterprises is a Twin Cities-based company that provides the most comprehensive IT monitoring solutions to corporations, nonprofits and governments around the world. Join our collaborative, committed team and become a part of a legend in the tech industry!