Amazon Monitoring With Nagios

Nagios provides complete monitoring of Amazon cloud computing, web, and storage services.

How Nagios Solutions Can Help

Solutions from Nagios can help ensure that your organization’s IT systems are operating properly at all times, and that troubles are brewing under the hood.

By deploying Nagios, you get an inside look at the performance, status, and history of monitored elements of your IT infrastructure. This allows your team to determine system maintenance and upgrades that are required to avoid future problems before they occur.

If a failure or outage is detected, IT staff are immediately notified of the problem so they can quickly begin resolving the alert.


These Nagios solutions provide Amazon monitoring capabilities and benefits:


By using Nagios, you can:

Implementing effective Amazon monitoring with Nagios offers the following benefits:

  • Increased server, services, and application availability
  • Fast detection of network outages
  • Fast detection of cloud computing environment problems


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by Scott Wilkerson