IBM i Monitoring


Nagios provides comprehensive monitoring of your IBM i servers, including metrics like CPU and disk utilization, ASP usage, number of active jobs, and long-running SQL jobs, plus much more. The official IBM i Nagios SQL plugin, SNMP, and JTOpen all support these services.

Nagios + IBM i provides administrators and operators with a centralized view of all IT assets in addition to the core IBM i metrics. You will also be able to graph and report on historical performance and have the flexibility to configure thresholds to your liking, not to mention the capability to create your own custom plugins.

Nagios is a powerful network monitoring tool that gives you the freedom you need to manage everything on your network.


Implementing effective IBM i monitoring with Nagios offers the following benefits:

  • CPU utilization for the entire system
  • CPU usage for a specific job
  • CPU overloads
  • Temp Storage usage
  • Number of active users
  • Disk utilization checks
  • Disk status checks
  • ASP usage percentage for the entire system
  • Job information in specific subsystems
  • Long-running SQL
  • Number of active job checks
  • Page fault checks
  • Message check (from a specific message queue)
  • Message status (retrieve status on specific message ID found in specific message queue)
  • Basic information verification on the IBM i system
  • Legacy AS400 checks can be used with IBM i as well
  • And much more!


These Nagios solutions provide IBM i monitoring capabilities and benefits:

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