Nagios XI Resources

We frequently get requests for copies of Nagios handouts and presentations that Nagios users, customers, and partners can use. To make it easier for everyone to access these, we’re making them available online.

Looking for a specific type of flyer or presentation for Nagios that isn’t listed here? Contact us.

Title Description
Nagios XI New Features
(Download PDF)
A three page handout that describes Nagios XI’s capabilities and features set.
Nagios XI – Standard v.s. Enterprise Comparison
(Download PDF)
A two page handout that compares Nagios XI Standard and Enterprise Editions.
Nagios XI – What’s New
(Download PDF)
A handout that describes some of the new features added to Nagios XI 5.
Nagios XI – Website Monitoring
(Download PDF)
A nice handout that describes some of the website monitoring capabilities of Nagios XI.
Nagios XI – Product Overview
(Download PDF)
A one page handout that provides an overview of the features and benefits of Nagios XI.
Nagios XI – How It Works
(Download PDF)
A one page handout that describes how Nagios XI works.
Nagios XI vs Nagios Core Feature Comparison
(Download PDF)
A comparison between the native features offered in Nagios XI and Nagios Core.
Nagios XI Pricing – Information
(Download PDF)
Pricing and Licensing Information for Nagios XI.
Hardware Requirements
(Download PDF)
Learn the hardware requirements needed to run Nagios XI.
Nagios XI Use Case and Benefits
(Download PDF)
Read the Nagios XI use cases and benefits.