Nagios Enterprises Launches Official Nagios Certification

Saint Paul, MN, June 19th, 2012 — Nagios Enterprises is pleased to announce the launch of official Nagios certification programs designed for IT professionals, administrators, helpdesk staff, and end users that utilize Nagios, the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring. With two levels of testing available, Nagios certification proves a user’s knowledge and understanding of Nagios Core as a Certified Professional and/or Certified Administrator.

“IT professionals have requested certification of their knowledge of Nagios, and we’re thrilled to deliver this service to them”, said Mary Starr, Vice President of Nagios Enterprises. “Our certification ensures that monitoring professionals have a concrete way to authenticate their proficiency with Nagios, the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring.”

Nagios certification provides current and prospective employers and clients with proof that the professional has achieved the industry standard in monitoring knowledge. Nagios certifications start at just $195 and are valid for two years. Additional certification benefits include a 10% discount on future support plans and product licenses.

With multiple awards, over a million users in every vertical and horizontal sector, an active worldwide community, and hundreds of addons and extensions, Nagios is the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring. Nagios provides critical monitoring and alerting for networks, systems, applications, metrics, and business processes. Nagios Enterprises is the official commercial arm of Nagios and provides value-added services, products, and solutions to clients worldwide.

For more information, contact:

Marketing Team
Nagios Enterprises, LLC
Office: 651-204-9102

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