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Highly Regarded

Nagios is trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide for mission-critical IT infrastructure monitoring.

Here are just a few sample of what they have to say...

What People Are Saying about Nagios

"Hi Shamas, BTW Nagios proved its worth last night; part of our infrastructure outside of the main ‘production’ data center got hit by a power spike last night; which meant that one of the development teams in Sweden no longer had a server to build on; which meant a possible 12 hour delay before someone even noticed. Nagios noticed within a minute and we could get someone over to the building to flip a few circuit breakers. Then this morning part of one of our VM clusters died during a sw upgrade. We noticed even before IT did – and now I’m working through the list of impacted systems to verify that they all came back cleanly. All in all a good day." - Nagios XI Customer

"Thanks Andy. You have been great help. After working and creating so many tickets, I can say NAGIOS SUPPORT IS AWESOME. " - Nagios XI Customer

"Really loving the very active nature of the support forum. A real blessing from God." - Nagios XI Customer

"Thumbs up to the team at Nagios. Best support I've encountered in 20 years of being in the IT game." - Nagios XI Customer

"This ticket can be closed. I'd like to point out that Nagios support is the best I've encountered! And, I've been doing IT for a dozen years." - Nagios XI Customer

"I know that this forum is for reporting issues, but I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the phenomenal support and work you guys do. I was REALLY concerned when I was told that nagios support is forum based, but you guys have always responded to my issues with awesome results for me. Thanks you guys and make your boss get you a round of <insert non-alcoholic beverage of choice here>, you deserve it." - Nagios XI Customer

"I am happy to say I am back on track for the proof of concept. I initially started out with the install of R2.0 and discovered an install bug. This prompted a fix by your team and the release of R2.1. When I went to install 2.1, I most likely did not have a clean system. The last response of Ludmil made me connect the dots of not having a clean install. I proceeded to remove NagiosXI from the server as well as cleaning the data out of the DB's. I was able to run the install and configure the system without issues. I am seeing all of the hosts in the dashboard. Thanks again for your help and the Nagios support team. I am excited to start working with XI and presenting a final product to our team for production use. The quick response by your team also demonstrated the type of support we can expect as an enterprise customer. That also helps a lot." - Nagios XI Customer

"Thank you everyone, especially Mike from Sales and Nick Scott, for your help in getting our XI monitoring system back up and running. About an hour before our big demonstration all of our pre-configured Hosts and Services disappeared. Wow, we were in a panic mode to say the least. Mike recognized the urgency and contacted Nick from the Support team. Nick went above and beyond, and brought our system back from the “dead”. We truly appreciate your product but it is moment like this that we valued and it shows that you care. " - Nagios XI Customer

"Nagios is an integral part of our infrastructure. By notifying us immediately of a service outage, we are able to rectify the issue before our customers and end users experience any problems." - Jared Bird, Network Security Administrator, Sunrise Community Banks

"With Nagios we were able to consolidate multiple commercial monitoring solutions into one, and at the same time reduce our maintenance costs." - Michael Niedermann, Manager IT Infrastructure Operations, Sunrise Communications AG

"Nagios helps our organization know about outages on our customers' network before they pick up the phone" - Owner, NRS Small Business Solutions

"I LOVE this software. It lets my 3-man IS dept. manage 12 office and actually be proactive!" - I.S. Directory, Genesis Group

"Nagios is a great monitoring system and working with it is one of the best parts of my job" - Tamara Funk, UNIX System Administrator, NTELOS

"I love this program" - IT Manager, Mary Kay

"Nagios allows us to be proactive to client problems" - Owner, GCS Tech

"Unbeatable, proactive monitoring system" - Euroweb Internet

"Thanks for creating a great piece of software" - Network Technician, MCI

"An excellent stable, useful, user friendly, easy to setup NMS" - Manager Network Operations, National Informatics Centre

"You can't pay for a better monitoring solution" - Network Administrator, Stock Yards Bank and Trust

"It alerted us many times before the users event suspected there was an issue" - Unix Admin, TechMentors

"Great product - we are big Nagios fans" - Director of Technology Operations, Evergreen Investments

"Best monitoring tool by far" - System Administrator, 20:20 Logistics

"Nagios Rocks!" - System Administrator, LIPSI

"Nagios rocks for flexibility" - Principal and Security Engineer, M5 Hosting

"We're using Nagios to monitor everything in our network...Nagios rocks" - Technical Operations, Cablesurf

"Great tool to customize your monitoring" - System Engineer, Jetair

"This is a great tool that is very powerful" - WAN Technician, Stafford County Public Schools

"Nagios is great software...I wouldn't use any other monitoring suite" - Systems Administrator, Santa Fe Institute

"Superb product. We checked out the rest, but this is the best" - Stabilys Ltd

"Excellent tool. Has averted several problems before they were noticed by our customers" - Network Security Specialist, WorldCom Australia

"We use this very reliable tool to monitor some critical services of our network" - Associate System Administrator, Samsung Electronics Co., Russia

"Nagios Rocks!" - Sr. Systems Admin, Idealab!

"Nagios is brilliant due to its modular design and simplicity" - Operational Manager, IT=it

"Nagios finally gives us the troubleshooting we need to avoid getting calls about unrelated issues", Systems Engineer, Internet49

"Great piece of software which has proven to be far more useful than anything we have seen in the commercial sector" - Network Engineer, ALBACOMP

"Nagios is one of the most powerful open-source tool I've found for network monitoring" - Managing Director, Imperitas Group

"Great application, real life saver" - Systems Administrator, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

"Best network monitoring product I have ever worked with" - Network Administrator, Paper Converting Machine Company

"Nagios has been monitoring our systems for the last couple of years and the amount of flexibility that it has given us is amazing" - Systems Administrator, Gulf Research Center

"Nagios is a fantastic system. It provides us the ability to provide a more proactive approach." - Consultant, Waytime Technologies

"Nagios is a lifesaver" - CTO, PT Internet

"Nagios rocks. We've been using it in production...and it has definitely allows us to get a better look at things as well as be much more proactive to network issues." - CTO,

"Nagios rocks" - Directory of Network Engineering, Wheat International Communications

"Best monitoring tool I've ever seen!" - System Administrator, University Klagenfurt

"Nagios has really given me the ability to be proactive with my network, computers, and applications" - Systems Administrator, NIC USA

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