How to Launch Nagios XI

XI Jumpstart: Top Resources on How to Launch Nagios XI

  We want to make launching a new IT infrastructure monitoring solution as seamless as possible for system administrators and their teams. We created many resources on how to launch Nagios XI to help users start monitoring quickly and effectively. … Read More

Nagios Cross-Platform Agent

Nagios Agent Spotlight: NCPA

  By: Shamas Demoret The Nagios Cross Platform Agent (NCPA) is a modern, flexible Nagios agent with a variety of capabilities that make it an excellent option for monitoring your physical, virtual, and cloud server infrastructure. As the project notes … Read More

Free Infrastructure Monitoring

When Free Infrastructure Monitoring Costs More than the Enterprise Version

System administrators sometimes choose to build out IT infrastructure monitoring on free, open-source platforms to save their organizations’ money. But are these platforms actually less expensive? We outline the key reasons a free infrastructure monitoring license may actually end up … Read More

Nagios XI for Managed Service Providers

  Nagios has long been known as the Industry Standard in IT infrastructure monitoring. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have been using Nagios XI as a solution for their clients for many years. With the new MSP update and new MSP … Read More

Nagios XI Saves Time

7 Ways Nagios XI Can Save Valuable Time

7 Ways Nagios XI Can Save Valuable Time Solving complex problems using powerful code is what system administrators do best. It’s what drew millions of them to Nagios Core, our popular open-source platform with a large base of enthusiastic users. … Read More

agent vs agentless

Agent-Based vs. Agentless Monitoring with Nagios

  Agent-Based vs. Agentless Monitoring with Nagios By: Shamas Demoret   One of the key strengths of Nagios XI is that it supports a wide variety of approaches for monitoring various operating systems, featuring both agentless and agent-based options. This … Read More

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring with Nagios

  Real-time Monitoring with Nagios By: Aaron Cieslicki   Here at Nagios we get asked whether our solutions provide real-time monitoring. The short answer is yes. To many of us at Nagios, though, the interesting question becomes: is real-time monitoring … Read More

10 Tips to Relieve the Stressors in IT

  Carrying the burden of others’ problems can be exhausting.  As an IT Professional, most days are spent helping others and solving their problems.  Your role might be to be supportive and keep hopes high while aiding customers who are … Read More

IT Professionals: A Look Back and Ahead

  In a world that relies heavily on technology, the professionals producing the innovations are often overlooked.  To keep up with the rapid advances, ensure security and maintain infrastructures, a sizeable workforce is needed.  We often hear about new devices … Read More

Nagios Update: XI 5.5.11

  In anticipation of Nagios XI 5.6, today we released Nagios XI 5.5.11. This release has some notable security fixes that include some common vulnerabilities and exposures.  In efforts to continue to increase security, we prioritize patching security vulnerabilities when … Read More