The Industry Standard in IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Overcome the challenges of IT infrastructure monitoring with the Nagios Monitoring Suite. Whether it’s networking devices, log data, flow data, or anything else that runs on electricity, we’ve got you covered.

10,000+ Customers Trust Nagios

Nagios XI

Gain extended insight into your network with enterprise-class network monitoring, alerting, and analysis.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring with Nagios XI
Nagios Log Server

Get the most out of your data. Monitor, manage, visualize, archive, analyze, and alert on all of your log data.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring With Nagios Log Server
Nagios Fusion

Distributed network monitoring made easy. Visualize and manage all of your Nagios monitoring systems from a single screen.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring with Nagios Fusion
Nagios Network Analyzer

Network traffic, bandwidth monitoring, and flow analysis for your entire IT infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring with Nagios Network Analyzer


Trusted By 10,000+

See how we help thousands of companies save money and eliminate downtime

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Everwatch Global

Nagios helps e-commerce retail giant reach $125,000,000 in additional sales with up to 98% annual uptime.


Single-point monitoring and high availability for 2,500+ servers and 5,000+ network devices.


Energy solutions giant sees increased capabilities, productivity by deploying Nagios.

University of St. Thomas

University uses better data to improve purchasing decisions, bandwidth allocation, and reaction to anomalies.

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