Retail SysAdmins: The True Heroes This Holiday Season

From Black Friday to Christmas Eve, those working the retail rush are the true heroes this holiday season.

In the midst of strong market growth and low unemployment rates, experts and analysts alike are predicting retail sales to soar past the $1 trillion mark.

Many forget about the heroes working behind the scenes to make sure systems are connected, websites are up, and payment processing is a go. Without these heroes, 30 seconds of downtime could potentially result in millions of dollars of lost revenue. Without these heroes, the smooth online transactions that we expect don’t happen.

As more and more consumers are making purchases online, companies want to make sure that their IT infrastructure is ready to handle the hustle and bustle this holiday season. One unmonitored system can create a loss of revenue, an undesirable experience for online customers, and more headaches for employees than needed.

Nagios ensures retailers around the world are positioned to accelerate their businesses, ease the technology burden, and make the most of this holiday season. Check out how some retailers are utilizing Nagios:


“We are one of the largest internet providers and cellular networks in the US. Nagios XI monitors everything we need and has drastically reduced our number of issues and outages.” – Verizon


“Not only do we use Nagios for the corporate support devices, but we also use it to monitor our store environments. With over 3200 stores worldwide, we are able to keep our pulse on the status of each store.  From monitoring the devices to ensuring the correct files are in each store, we maximize the time our sales associates can spend with customers. Nagios enhances our ability to focus on the customers’ experience.” – Footlocker

Burlington Coat Factory

“We use Nagios to help facilitate the quick identification of retail trends, improve merchandise allocation within the retail locations, support customer needs, and more rapidly respond to emerging markets.”
– Burlington Coat Factory

With big shopping dates fast approaching, you’ll want to keep these important dates in mind while you’re planning and preparing:

  • Black Friday: November 23rd
  • Cyber Monday: November 26th
  • Small Business Saturday: December 2nd
  • Free Shipping Day: December 14th
  • Last Chance for Shipping: December 20th – December 22nd

Nagios is there to support hundreds of retailers year-round by helping them stay proactive when it comes to:

  • Ensuring POS systems are connected
  • Monitoring online shopping traffic
  • Creating site backups and logs
  • Capacity planning to predict roadblocks and bottlenecks
  • Protecting payment processing
  • Assisting in prompt customer service

We’re here to help make sure your monitoring system is ready to handle the growth and success you have planned for this holiday! An all-encompassing solution like Nagios will allow you to stay on top of your IT infrastructure.

From your systems administrator to the customer’s experience, let us know how Nagios is helping you be a hero this holiday season.

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