Transportation and Logistics

Meeting Customers Expectations

Top global transportation and logistics companies such as USPS, UPS, XPO, DHL, FedEx, and others all agree that the top priorities logistics managers have to deal with are “meeting customer expectations” and “on-time delivery.”

These organizations need to operate 24 hours a day to meet these expectations. Leaders in the transportation and logistics industries choose Nagios to keep their equipment online and functioning when it is needed most.

Keeping the Supply Chain Moving

By deploying a Nagios solution, leading logistics companies benefit from Nagios’ comprehensive monitoring and alerting capabilities. By providing proactive alerts, downtime can be drastically reduced, keeping systems online and the supply chain moving.

Monitoring key performance metrics provides invaluable information necessary to plan and budget for future system upgrades or prepare for required maintenance.

By implementing Nagios, logistic leaders receive near-instant notifications of website and system outages that can affect their public image, operational efficiency, ability to meet customer expectations, and ability to provide on-time deliveries. Once alerted, IT staff can resolve problems quickly, lessening the impact of outages and reducing or eliminating downtime.

Transportation and logistics companies implementing Nagios can:

  • Improve customer expectations
  • Improve website availability
  • Provide more on-time deliveries
  • Improve public visibility and credibility
  • Improve ROI on IT systems
  • Improve operation efficiency

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