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Full Network Visibility

Nagios XI

An extensible, enterprise-level infrastructure monitoring solution with time-saving, easy-to-use features.

7 Nodes Free


Trusted By 10K+ Customers

Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Extensively monitor critical components, applications, and systems with our own add-ons and thousands of third-party add-ons for comprehensive coverage.

Ensure optimal server performance for all your monitoring endeavors with the Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine, which utilizes high-efficiency processes for scalability and effectiveness.

comprehensive it monitoring

Visibility and Proactive Awareness

Enhance user access to relevant information with a centralized view of the monitoring data and third-party insights that are most critical to you.

Preempt infrastructure issues with automated trending and capacity planning graphs and proactive alerts sent via email, SMS text message, Slack, or Microsoft Teams for swift resolution by IT, stakeholders, and users.

Visual proactive awareness

Customizability and Extendable Architecture

Give users and team members the flexibility to tailor layout, design, and preferences on a per-user basis with a customizable GUI.

Extend the functionality of XI to meet your needs
with community add-ons as well as APIs for integrating with both in-house and third-party applications.


Multi-Tenant Capabilities and Ease of Use

Simplify administration with advanced user management to efficiently manage user accounts and ensure clients only see the infrastructure components they’re authorized for.

Facilitate user-controlled configuration with configuration wizards for easy setup without the need for intricate monitoring knowledge.

Multi Tenant


Streamlined, Powerful, and Intuitive

Bring your monitoring to the next level with a modern UI and features to help you save time and efficiently remediate issues.


Powerful Monitoring Engine

Nagios XI uses the powerful Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine to provide users with efficient, scalable monitoring.

space dashboard

New Neptune UI Theme

Utilize an updated UI theme for easier navigation and clearer information on Hosts and Services.

corporate fare

Capacity Planning

Automated, integrated trending and capacity planning graphs allow organizations to plan for upgrades.

area chart

Advanced Graphs & More

Administrators can easily view network incidents and resolve them before they become major catastrophes.

wizard hat

Configuration Wizards

Get monitoring in a few simple clicks by simply entering the required information into our easy-to-use Wizards.

folder managed

Infrastructure Management

Simplify management with improved Bulk Host Import, Auto-Discovery, Auto Decommissioning, and more!

manage history

Configuration Snapshot

Save your most recent configurations. Archive it. Revert back whenever you like. Never lose it again. Relax.


Advanced User Management

Easily setup and manage user accounts with only a few clicks then assign custom roles to ensure a secure environment.

Pricing Plans






Manage and monitor small-scale environments.

Find the right plan for you with our XI Plan Calculator

Includes 7 Nodes or 100 Services – whichever is reached first

Includes most features of the Standard license

Support is not included

License Levels


7 Node || 100 Service



Manage and monitor small to medium environments.

Find the right plan for you with our XI Plan Calculator

Infrastructure monitoring and graphing

Enhanced alerting and reporting

Configuration GUI

Open API to connect to existing technology stack

Built-in automation capabilities

65+ configuration wizards

License Levels


100 Node


300 Node


500 Node


1000 Node


Unlimited Node



Premium monitoring for small to medium environments.

Find the right plan for you with our XI Plan Calculator

Available as an add-on to any Nagios XI license level

Includes all features of the Standard License

Capacity planning reports

Bulk modification tools

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) reports

Business Process Intelligence (BPI)

Ability to schedule reports

Audit logs

License Levels


100 Node


300 Node


500 Node


1000 Node


Unlimited Node



Superior monitoring for large or distributed environments. 

Find the right plan for you with our XI Plan Calculator

Enterprise features included for free with all Sitewide packages

Includes multiple instances of our Unlimited Node Nagios XI

Substantial discount + Free Nagios Fusion license

Connect site to site for easier large-environment monitoring 

Ideal for large-scale deployments of Nagios XI

Allows for distributed setup of Nagios XI

License Levels


Multiple Unlimited Nodes

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*Nagios XI is available in multiple different license levels: 100 Node through Unlimited Node. A Node is anything with an IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) that you would like to monitor (switches, routers, firewalls, workstations, and other network devices). There are no restrictions on the number of Services you can monitor.

**While paid licenses of Nagios XI do not contain any software-imposed limitations, we have found that systems performing more than 15,000-20,000 checks in a 5-minute interval should consider following our Server Considerations Guide to ensure the best performance on your installation.

System Requirements

See our Nagios XI – Hardware Requirements document for more information on running XI.




Hard Drive

8 GB

40 GB


1 GB

4 GB


1 GHz

2+ Ghz




Other Systems Specifications

Operating System

RHEL | CentOS | Oracle Linux 7.x
RHEL | Oracle Linux 8.x/9.x
  • RHEL 8/9 requires CodeReady Builder to be enabled
CentOS Stream 8/9
Debian 10.x/11/x
Ubuntu 20/22

Supported PHP Versions

5.4 through 8.1 (as of XI 5.11)

Drive Configuration (recommended)

Raid 5

Offloaded Database Requirements (Optional)

MySQL | Mariadb

Customize Nagios XI to your infrastructure’s needs with thousands of free, community-developed plugins on the Nagios Exchange.