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Nagios Simplifies IT Infrastructure, Increases Operational Efficiency for Swiss Telecom Provider

Company Profile

Sunrise Telecommunications is the largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland. More than 2.86 million customers use Sunrise’s services for their mobile telephone, fixed network, and internet service needs. Sunrise is a brand of Sunrise Communications, AG.

Business Needs

Sunrise’s IT infrastructure had become diluted over the years due to mergers and reorganizations. They had a large variety of systems and applications in use, many of which had overlapping functions, creating redundant services and obscuring a big-picture view of their IT health. This meant that they were losing money on unnecessary licensing, maintenance, and hardware and wasting time on operational overhead. Sunrise decided it was time to consolidate its monitoring software into a single solution to help save time and money.

“With Nagios, we were able to consolidate multiple commercial monitoring solutions into one and, at the same time, reduce our maintenance costs.”
-Michael Niedermann, Manager, IT Infrastructure Operations at Sunrise Communications, AG

The Challenge

Sunrise had a broad range of IT systems in use, so they required a tight implementation schedule, not to mention a small project budget, and coordinated multiple parties and teams. The varied operating systems and hardware architecture, a complex network design, and a reliance on the community for system support added additional obstacles.

Why Nagios?

Nagios helped Sunrise by:

  • Implementing Nagios servers as virtual servers to allow collectors to be scaled gradually to meet performance requirements
  • Implementing two physical servers for centralized monitoring and alerting in order to enable direct-attached USB modems for text notifications
  • Using Nagios plugins whenever possible and deploying server checks using customized packages
  • Using Nagios’ easy configuration for their machines and applications

The Bottom Line

Nagios provided Sunrise with:

  • A flexible and extensible monitoring solution that offered a big-picture view of the
    health of their critical infrastructure
  • Increased operational efficiency and cost savings
  • The ability to consolidate their systems on a single, central Nagios platform to further realize cost savings and simplify their systems

Nagios XI - The Industry Standard Monitoring Solution

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