Nagios XI Customer Support Options: 4 Support Services for Nagios XI Customers

Nagios’ robust user community and support forums are what drew millions of Nagios Core users to the open-source IT infrastructure monitoring and alerting product. Users join the online community to ask for help with their Nagios configurations, troubleshoot problems, share advice, and contribute to the open-source product. The support forum includes thousands of topics, all accessible for free.

Enhanced Support Services for XI Customers

Nagios built on top of this strong foundation to develop unparalleled support services for its Nagios XI customers. Customers receive the first year of support with the initial purchase of Nagios XI. After the initial year, Nagios XI customers can choose to pay for ongoing customer support services.

These support services give Nagios XI users peace of mind by ensuring Nagios support staff is available to help solve any challenges that arise. Many of the Nagios support techs have worked in data centers or high-stress environments, so they understand the need to resolve critical issues quickly and effectively.

Four Most Popular Nagios XI Customer Support Options

1. Exclusive Support Forums

In addition to the free support forums available to all Nagios customers, Nagios XI support customers receive access to an exclusive forum that includes posts not accessible on the free forum. The exclusive forum is a place for Nagios XI support customers to interact with each other, and it enhances the forum search function because of the additional information available. Plus, whenever a Nagios XI support customer posts to the forum, their comment is highlighted for Nagios support staff to ensure quick follow-up.

2. Support Tickets

When a Nagios XI support user can’t solve a challenge using the support forum, they can submit a support ticket for one-on-one help from Nagios support staff. Within 24 hours, a support tech responds to the ticket. Support customers receive 10 support tickets per year, with the option to add additional ones if needed.

Support tickets are especially valuable for Nagios XI users who work within highly customized environments, have customized requirements, or are stuck on a specific issue. Support tickets connect the customer to a dedicated Nagios support tech who works one-on-one with the customer to resolve the issue.

3. Phone Support

When an emergency arises that requires escalation beyond support tickets, support customers can quickly and easily contact Nagios support via phone. Paid phone support includes 10 phone support sessions. Nagios XI support customers can add additional phone support sessions depending on the size and scope of their needs.

4. Remote Support

In addition to our professional support portal, where you can easily keep up to date on your tickets and browse our detailed product documentation, we also offer remote assistance to our support customers. Remote sessions allow our staff to work within your security or organizational requirements to help diagnose an issue. Our premium support packages allow you to receive these sessions at the discretion of our support staff.

Nagios’ Commitment to World-Class Support

Providing unmatched customer support services is a core value of Nagios. Nagios’ commitment to support is evident through its extensive knowledge base, practical pro-tip videos, and numerous resources. When these resources don’t address a customer’s specific needs or customized environment, Nagios’ paid support helps them resolve their issues quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Nagios is always developing its support team’s skills and enhancing the performance of its product by continually building and modeling test environments that reflect customers’ needs. The test environment includes a wide array of physical and virtual components and enables the support team to explore the common challenges and needs that users are determined to solve.
While ongoing Nagios XI customer support options come at an additional cost, support users often find they can save money by resolving issues faster with Nagios’ help. Plus, many cite the peace of mind it brings to their organization as justification for the cost. Click here to get started with your Nagios XI support plan.

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