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WMI Changes Got You Down? Nagios Alternatives to Keep You Running

It looks like Microsoft may be moving away from SNMP and our users have been climbing the walls trying to find out how Nagios Enterprises will be tackling agentless Windows monitoring. Nagios Enterprises is proud to announce a few alternatives for agentless Windows monitoring, whether you are an open-source user or one of our enterprise customers.

Overcome the challenges of IT infrastructure monitoring with the Nagios Monitoring Suite. Whether it’s networking devices, log data, flow data, or anything else that runs on electricity, we’ve got you covered.

Nagios XI

Gain extended insight into your network with enterprise-class network monitoring, alerting, and analysis.

Network traffic, bandwidth monitoring, and flow analysis for your entire IT infrastructure.

Our original open-source monitoring solution, developed for and supported by hundreds of community members.

Nagios Log Server

Get the most out of your data. Monitor, manage, visualize, archive, analyze, and alert on all of your log data.

Distributed network monitoring made easy. Visualize and manage all of your Nagios monitoring systems from a single screen.

Our cross-platform monitoring agent that runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS/X machines. Its features include active and passive checks, remote management, and a robust GUI.


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