Nagios Webinars

Introduction to Nagios Network Analyzer

Our experts provide an in-depth look at all network traffic sources and potential security threats to quickly gather high-level information regarding the health of your network.

Gain comprehensive network insights with Network Analyzer’s advanced alerting and reporting features, providing granular data for thorough analysis and rapid issue resolution. Customize bandwidth utilization reports and monitor network health with centralized views to access essential data sources and diagnostics. Enjoy an intuitive web interface, easy alert setup, and integration with Nagios XI for enhanced network security. Tailor Network Analyzer to your network’s specific needs with source groups and SNMP notifications for a hassle-free and adaptable implementation.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Get a high-level overview of sources, checks, network flow data, and more on the home dashboard.

Get alerts when suspicious activity is detected.

Gain quick, in-depth insights into network traffic, bandwidth, and overall network health with advanced visualizations.

Monitor specific application network usage with personalized queries, views, and reports.

Specialized Views

Easily track specific subsets of network flow information and access historical data.

Receive alerts when abnormal activity takes place or when bandwidth usage exceeds your specified thresholds.

Seamlessly integrate Network Analyzer with Nagios XI for comprehensive reports and intra-network communication views.

Efficiently collaborate with advanced user management options, ensuring smooth network operations.


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