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Introduction to Nagios Fusion

Display the status of both Nagios XI and Nagios Core servers, making it an ideal solution for keeping track of the status of monitored elements across your entire network.

Nagios Fusion provides effortless scalability with distributed monitoring, eliminating configuration complexity and enabling geographically separated teams to manage individual servers while central operations staff have access to all servers. Simplify connectivity with HTTP/HTTPS access to remote monitoring servers, removing the hassle of dedicated VPN links. Fusion seamlessly integrates with Nagios Core, XI, and Log Server for unparalleled infrastructure wide visibility. Welcome to a new era of streamlined IT management.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Gain a high-level view of your distributed environments and network health.

System administrators can efficiently manage monitoring servers, regardless of location, which is ideal for managed service providers (MSPs).

Simplify server access with single-server credential submission within Fusion.

Access insights on top alert producers, recent alerts, incidents, and custom server metrics through rotating dashlets.

Nagios Log Server Integration

Consolidate your Nagios ecosystem in one place with seamless Log Server integration.

Maintain quick access to XI servers while monitoring overall network health.

Multi-tenant capabilities allow IT teams to work together efficiently and keep the network running smoothly.

Improve bandwidth utilization by managing polling frequency and gaining full control over system settings.


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