• Nagios XI Support & Maintenance Plans

    Ensure you have the latest version of Nagios XI and access to our world class support.

Contact sales@nagios.com or call 1-888-NAGIOS-1 to purchase your Support & Maintenance today.

Maintenance & Support renewal enables customers to receive access to version upgrades of Nagios XI for one year. Plus, one-on-one tickets with direct email support*, access to customer support forums, self-paced training and customer-only downloads on the Nagios Library.

*Note: Up to ten support ticket incidents per year depending on license level purchased.

Nagios XI (Renewal)

Renewal Type 100-node 200-node 300-node 400-node 500-node 1000-node Unlimited-node
Maintenance & Support $1869.00 USD $3081.75 USD $4404.75 USD $5286.75 USD $6168.75 USD $10578.75 USD $17634.75 USD

If using Enterprise Edition, add $834.75

Want to Add Phone Support?

Add a phone support package to your Maintenance & Support contract to ensure your team has access to priority support services when you need them most. Phone support packages expire at time of license expiration.

Phone Support Price
10 Call Pack $2995
5 Call Pack $1995