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Nagios Certification Benefits

Nagios certification provides professionals with the following benefits:

  • Discounts of 10% on future support plans and product licenses.
  • Certificates Of Completion - Professional receive a certificate from Nagios Enterprises once they've successfully achieved a certification level.
  • Professionals can let their current and future employers verify their official Nagios certification status and obtain certificates online.

Certification Levels

Nagios Certified Professional
Nagios Certified Professional

The Nagios Certified Professional – Core certification exam is designed to test the skills of an individual who uses Nagios Core on a frequent basis. This individual should have a good understanding of how Nagios Core works, as well as knowledge of monitoring terminology. Topics covered include handling outages, investigating incidents, acknowledging alerts, scheduling downtime, generating reports, and general use. Designed for IT professionals, administrators, helpdesk staff, and end users.

Test Questions: 75
Time Limit: 1 hour 15 minutes
Exam Price: $199 USD
Certification Validity: 2 Years
Suggested Study Material: Nagios Core Docs, NCP Core Prep Guide
Suggested Training Program: Basic Training
Prerequisites: None

Nagios Certified Administrator
Nagios Certified Administrator

The Nagios Certified Administrator – Core certification exam is designed to test the skills of an individual who is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and maintenance of a Nagios Core installation. This individual should be capable of designing, implementing, and supporting a Nagios Core installation. Topics covered include graphing and trending, distributed monitoring, passive checks, performance tuning, agents, and other advanced topics. Designed for IT professionals and administrators.

Test Questions: 110
Time Limit: 1 hour 50 minutes
Exam Price: $299 USD
Certification Validity: 2 Years
Suggested Training Program: Advanced Training
Suggested Study Material: Nagios Core Docs
Prequisites: Individuals must pass the Nagios Certified Professional - Core exam before they are eligible to receive this certification level.

Stay Informed

We're in the process of developing additional certification levels for Nagios. If you'd like to be informed when additional certification levels become available, fill in the interest form and we'll keep in touch with you.

Online Certificates and Verification

Individuals that obtain Nagios certification can access and download their certificates online. Current and prospective employers can be given access to your online records to verify your certification status.

Nagios Certification Terms

Individuals seeking Nagios certification must agree to the terms of the Nagios Certification Agreement. The agreement sets standards for a code of conduct that individuals must follow in order to receive and maintain their certification.