• Introduction to Nagios Log Server

    Our experts will take you through a high-level overview of the features and benefits of Nagios Log Server.


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Nagios Log Server provides a fully supported ELK-based platform which enables you to to collect, archive, query, dashboard, and alert on all of your machine generated log data.
  • Easily add log sources using the built-in setup guides for common items such as Linux and Windows servers, network devices, MSSQL and MySQL, IIS and Apache, and PHP. Non-standard or proprietary logs can be parsed through the use of custom Filters you create.
  • Dashboards enable you to determine how you wish to visualize your log events using a variety of customizable panels including charts and graphs.
  • Queries can be customized to narrow down the data to highly granular subsets so you can focus on the exact types of log events you wish to review.
  • Alerts can be generated based on any query, so you’ll be automatically notified when specific events are detected in your log data.
  • Easy integration of Log Server alerts with Nagios XI for centralized visibility and alerting on items being monitored by both applications.
  • Automatic Clustering means that as long as you’re running multiple instances, your data is backed up even if an instance in your cluster goes offline.
  • Backup and Maintenance settings are easily customized to determine how long your data remains on the cluster, and to ship it to an external share for longer term archiving.


Nagios Log Server Features


Nagios Log Server Overview


Use Cases & Benefits

  • 500mb/day 7-day rolling average
  • Centralized Log management & configuration
  • Advanced queries & filtering
  • Built-in alert system
  • Unlimited users
  • Simple setup wizards
  • Automatic snapshot & backup system
  • Unlimited retention
Single Instance
  • Intended for small or test deployments that do not require redundancy
  • Contains every feature in the Free Version and the following:
  • Data volume only limited by hardware
  • Intended for production deployments that don't require our highest grade of redundancy (available with 4+ instances)
  • Redundant data (stored across both instances)
  • Automatic failover
  • Alert system failover
  • Increased query speed (up to 2x)
  • Manage all instances from a single GUI
  • Apply configuration changes to all instances from a single GUI
  • Intended for large datasets
  • All features of 2-Instance, plus:
  • Additional query speed
  • Increased redundancy & resiliency
  • Intended for very large datasets that require reliable and foolproof storage.
  • All features of 4-Instance, plus:
  • Maximum redundancy
  • Maximum indexing speed*
  • Maximum query speed*

*Any limitations depend on your hardware capabilities. There are no arbitrary limitations placed by our software. We believe that your data is yours to control.

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