How to Customize Nagios XI

How to Customize Nagios XI and Monitor Anything

The whole point of IT monitoring is to observe, receive alerts and better understand your IT infrastructure. Customization is essential for this – a screen full of irrelevant numbers and messy charts isn’t helpful. Increase your flexibility by knowing how … Read More

Nagios Cybersecurity

6 Cybersecurity Questions to Answer Before You Open Ports to the Public

Opening ports can’t and shouldn’t be avoided, but it’s important to make sure the process is being done properly and for the right reasons. Every port without the proper security protections serves as an entry point for ill-intentioned users. Keeping … Read More

The Definitive Comparison Guide: Nagios XI vs Nagios Core

The beginnings of our company are intertwined with the open source movement, which spurred the creation of Nagios Core. Nagios Core is open source IT monitoring software that was and continues to be highly awarded and downloaded by millions of … Read More

Nagios XI 5.8

Introducing Nagios XI 5.8!

We’re especially excited to show you the big new features and enhancements of Nagios XI 5.8! There are some real game-changers that will help you monitor more environments a lot more easily. Here’s what you should know… Better Windows Monitoring … Read More

Nagios XI and cybersecurity

Nagios XI and Cybersecurity: Four Things to Know

Cybersecurity threats can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. No system that’s connected to a network is bulletproof. That said, IT professionals should understand a few specific considerations about Nagios XI as it relates to cybersecurity. What is Nagios XI? Nagios … Read More

IT monitoring

Guide: How to Make a Strong Business Case for IT Monitoring

If your days are filled with fire drills, unreliable data and expensive downtime, a comprehensive IT monitoring solution is probably on your wish list. But the benefits of an IT monitoring software can be tricky to communicate to leadership or … Read More

Database Monitoring Software Checklist – Read This Before Buying

The role of a database is simply to store data and serve it up to an application. Although database monitoring is generally straightforward, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing the database monitoring software. Review this checklist before … Read More

database monitoring software

Five Ways to Get More Out of Database Monitoring Software

Database monitoring protects the performance and uptime of your infrastructure. But are you really getting the most of your database monitoring software? We put together a few best practices to get more ROI from your software. Monitor the database’s surroundings, … Read More

server monitoring software

How to Reduce Downtime with Server Monitoring Software

Whatever industry, whatever company size, whatever the company culture, it’s never pleasant when a server goes down. At best, it’s a fire drill for the IT team to figure out what’s wrong. At worst, it’s a blame game with no … Read More

application monitoring strategy

Four Pillars of Developing an Application Monitoring Strategy

The IT industry is a fascinating one to work in because it’s a blend of art and science; there are standardizations and rules, certainly, but there’s also plenty of gray area to allow for creativity – and uncertainty. Application monitoring … Read More