community-peopleNagios Enterprises prides itself in participating in, contributing to, and sponsoring the Nagios Community and greater Open Source communities and projects worldwide in a variety of ways.

Thank You

To all of our clients who purchase our commercial products and services – thank you! It is through your continued business that we are able to contribute in different ways.

Ways We Contribute

Project Participation

Our team members contribute to Nagios Open Source projects by providing development and support resources to the project.
Projects our team directly contributes to include:

Project Sponsorship

We sponsor Open Source projects that provide valuable resources to our clients and the greater Nagios Community.
Project sponsorships include:

Nagios Plugins

Plugins are standalone extensions to Nagios Core that make it possible to monitor anything and everything.

Plugins process command-line arguments, perform a specific check, and then return the results to Nagios Core. They can be compiled binaries (written in C, C++, etc) or executable scripts (shell, Perl, PHP, etc).

In addition to the official Nagios plugins, you can find thousands of other plugins for monitoring all types of hardware, services, metrics, and applications at Nagios Exchange.

Project Innovation and Incubation

One of the ways we encourage and reward innovation for Nagios is through our Nagios Seedcamp competition.

Website Hosting and Management

We host and manage the sites, with hosting costs of over $10k USD per year. We also manage the Nagios Exchange site, which contains over 2,000 community addons for Nagios.

Event Sponsorship

We sponsor events related to Open Source, networking, and technology.
Sponsorships include:


We make donations to non-profits and causes we feel are important.
Donations include: