• Nagios Fusion Support Plans

    Nagios offers commercial technical support services that ensure customer satisfaction with Fusion.

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Nagios Fusion Support Plans

Plan / Feature Standard
Plan Type Annual
Email Support Yes
Forum Support Yes
Library Access Yes
Response Time Next Business Day
Max Contacts (Nagios Admins) 2
Tickets Included 5
Max Nagios Core Servers 1*
Supported Installations Standalone
Price $2199.75 USD / Year

Plan Features

A licensed copy of Nagios Fusion provides customers with a number of benefits, including:

Technical Support

Nagios Enterprises offers technical support for Nagios Fusion via a special customer-only section of our support forum and a customer-only email support service with up to five (5) support incidents each year.

Nagios Library

Get a full year of access to the Nagios Library with special customer-only tutorials, videos, and tech tips.

Product Influence

We listen to all Nagios users when determining our product roadmaps, but your feature requests will get bumped up to the front of the line. Tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll build our future products to include the newest features you’re looking for.

Builder Licensing Freedom

Build extensions for Nagios Fusion using our APIs and you choose the license for your dashlet or component: Open Source, proprietary, or public domain – the choice is yours.


Plan Coverage

Nagios Fusion is distributed in the following format:

  • Source installer for installation to virtual or physical Linux servers running 32-bit versions RHEL and CentOS

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