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The Nagios product roadmaps give information on upcoming releases for our commercial and open source Nagios solutions.

Roadmaps may change. These are the outlines of what is going to be coming in new releases and are not guaranteed changes. As much as we would like to get everything into new releases, there will likely be times when a feature will be pushed off until a different release.

To make suggestions for feature requests, or to submit a bug report, please reach out to us on the support forums. While we cannot add all feature requests, we can at least pass them off to the Developers for review.

Nagios Product Versioning

Back in 2015, Nagios adopted a version of the semantic versioning system – using version numbers such as 1.0.0 that correlate to major.minor.patch values. Typically, we will release our products with versions matching this format, giving you insight into the actual changes made and giving you an idea on how those changes could impact your system. We also recommend using a development environment to test out new major and minor releases to make sure your system’s integration and setup continues to function normally.

  • Major versions (x.0.0) include large changes that could impact backwards compatibility with systems currently in place that talk with the API or backend.
  • Minor versions (1.x.0) will only add new features that do not drastically change how the program works from an API or backend standpoint.
  • Patch versions (1.0.x) only introduce bug and security fixes, no features are added. These are released quite frequently, depending on severity of the bugs fixed. This change was made to increase the stability of the patch release versions – and not introduce new bugs that need to be taken care of.

Nagios XI

Maintenance Releases

We will be releasing a new 5.9.x version of XI about every 3-6 weeks depending on the importance and severity of bug fixes, security fixes, and stability fixes. These are recommended updates that should have a minimal impact on the XI system, besides fixing issues in the current release.


Future Plans

We are currently looking at the following improvements and additions in this version:

  • Improved Config Wizards, Components, and Dashlet structure
  • Improved Dashboard functionality
  • Improved notification methods
  • Improved graphs and graph dashlet performance (D3, Highcharts, etc)
  • New user permission system with more granular, well-defined permissions
  • New report management system and backend report generation (running reports in the background) including saving reports
  • Centralized install/updates for Config Wizards, Components, Dashlets from inside GUI
  • Improved backend performance graphing for databases and RRDs

Nagios Core

Maintenance Releases

There will be incremental releases 4.4.x every 1-2 months that will primarily contain bug fixes.


Future Plans

Nagios Core 5 is the next major release, which is currently in the planning stages. Some of the features and improvements being considered are:

  • Updates to the Nagios Core GUI
  • Reworking/expanding object relationships and functionality, such as dependencies, groups, escalations, and notifications
  • New layouts/definitions for configuration files, status files, retention files, cache files, and performance data
  • Ability to incorporate configuration changes on-the-fly without having to do a reload or restart
  • Built-in High Availability
  • Use multi-threading in critical sections
  • Breaking up the Nagios Core project into smaller projects and components

Nagios Log Server

Maintenance Releases

Like our other products, we will release bug fix and security updates when applicable. Typically these will be between 4-8 weeks as needed, depending on the severity of the bugs that are affecting the software.


Future Plans

In future versions of Nagios Log Server, we will be implementing:

  • Updated backend to increase speed
  • Better integration with other products such as Nagios Fusion
  • Added user guides for better documentation on setting up log senders
  • Even better configuration and management

Nagios Network Analyzer

Maintenance Releases

Like our other products, we will release bug fix and security updates when applicable. Typically these will be between 6-10 weeks for Nagios Network Analyzer due to the lower amount of reported bugs. The time-frame may change depending on new releases of major and minor versions.


Upcoming Releases

Nagios Network Analyzer 3 is the next major release. The majority of this release will be usability and performance. However, there are some new reporting functionality and styling. Some note-able features included are:

  • Improved, modern look and feel like all other Nagios products
  • Improved performance by running nfdump queries in parallel
  • Usability improvements (renaming sources and source groups)
  • Better reporting and graphing functionality
  • More granular user permissions and settings


Future Plans

We are currently working on the outline for a Nagios Network Analyzer 4 release. The release includes large improvements to the interface, usability, performance, and much more. We are currently in the process of adding the following features:

  • Easier netflow/sflow analysis in the GUI
  • Faster backend (possible distributed backend database instead of flat files)
  • Dashboards with dashlets like Nagios XI
  • Better API with help sections
  • Creation of user groups and more granular permission structures

Nagios Fusion

Maintenance Releases

We will be releasing a new 4.1.x version of Fusion about every 4-8 weeks depending on the importance and severity of bug and security fixes.
Due to the development of Nagios Fusion 4 there will be no maintenance releases for older versions of Nagios Fusion.


Upcoming Releases

The next major release of Nagios Fusion is 4.2 and some of the features include the following:

  • Fusion of Nagios Network Analyzer
  • Virtual tour and inline help system
  • XI/Core server health checking
  • Improved server/user mapping
  • Centralized reporting


Future Plans

With the new version of Nagios Fusion, we want the product to integrate well with all Nagios solutions and products. Because of this, we will constantly be improving on functionalities that we (and our users) believe will be beneficial to have in a single GUI. Some features that are being considered:

  • Incident management component
  • Responsive interface for mobile devices
  • NOC-style dashboards for aggregated view of all integrated products
  • Central user management and permissions server for all Nagios products (SSO)

Nagios Plugins

Maintenance Releases

There will be further incremental maintenance releases of 2.2.x every 1-2 months that will primarily contain bug fixes.


Upcoming Releases

Nagios Plugins minor release versions will come out every 4-6 months depending on the amount of enhancements. You can take a look at what is currently in-progress for upcoming releases on GitHub: