PLEASE NOTE: Nagios Reactor has been discontinued from the Nagios Enterprises product line. Reactor will continue to function in its current state. Thanks to all users who provided feedback and beta tested this project. Your feedback will be invaluable for future Nagios projects.

Nagios Reactor

Let your network work for you by automating your entire IT infrastructure



Ease of Use

Nagios Reactor’s web-based interface allows end-users of any skill level to create and manage otherwise complex automation tasks. Reactor’s Event Chains are quickly constructed and easily maintained and can be used to simplify existing automation scripts.

Increased Efficiency

Comprehensive reporting allows administrators to evaluate system performance and determine the effectiveness of their network automation processes. Ensure automation efficiency by establishing and scheduling recurring Event Chains so individual steps in critical business processes are never overlooked.

Advanced User Management

Nagios Reactor’s advanced user management system makes it simple for administrators to create and assign users to teams with specific permissions and settings to fit your organization’s needs. Administrators can maintain system security with limited access, read-only, user settings in addition to adding teams of individuals to manage specific automation processes to ensure that only authorized users alter the Reactor system.

Time Savings

Save time with Reactor’s advanced automation engine. Automate problem resolution procedures across your organization’s infrastructure and minimize down-time. Setup Event Chains easily and manage commonly used logic blocks to streamline future workflow. Organize event chains with tags and advanced sorting features to help save valuable time.


Reactor allows users to craft automated Event Chains for nearly any situation. Write new triggers, conditions, and actions to integrate Reactor with in-house and third-party applications. Reactor adapts to your environment so you don’t have to. Seamless integration with existing Nagios IT Management Solutions to allow organizations to enable automatic resolution of incidents detected by Nagios XI or Nagios Core.

Comprehensive Reporting

Allows administrators to evaluate performance and determine the effectiveness of their network automation processes. Ensure automation efficiency by establishing and scheduling recurring Event Chains so individual steps in critical business processes are never overlooked.

Pricing Plans

Single License

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re tired or manually restarting APACHE and can’t manage the custom scripts you’ve created to do so, you need Nagios Reactor. If you have a complex environment and need to loop a script against a list of IPs, you need Nagios Reactor. If you like using automation to make your life easier, you need Nagios Reactor. Reactor is a FREE tool designed to solve these problems, empower admins, and allow endless possibilities when automating your infrastructure. Use Reactor to automate, organize, track, and create Event Chains so you can maximize your ability to work while minimizing down-time.

Yes! Nagios Reactor is a free product and is available for download on the Nagios Library. Try it in your environment.

Like all Nagios products, Nagios Reactor has support available on the free Nagios Support Forums. Get your questions answered by Nagios Staff members and knowledgeable community members. Visit to access the free forums.

Yes! We distribute Nagios Reactor as a virtual machine to ensure you get it up and running quickly. Manual installation is possible to physical servers running RHEL or CentOS and is available to users who require it.

Yes! Nagios Reactor integrates seamlessly with Nagios XI. We’ve developed a component that allows you integrate, and run your Reactor Event Chains directly from your Nagios XI web-interface. Create automation rules, and apply them directly to your monitoring hosts so that when problems arise, they can be fixed automatically before affecting business processes.

Yes! Reactor allow users to build, use, and share their Event Chains with the world. Just like plugins for Nagios XI and Nagios Core, Event Chains can be uploaded to the Nagios Exchange. The open-source community depends on community involvement, that’s why we made Reactor so extensible and customizable.

Other Questions

Have other questions related to Nagios Reactor? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get you the answers.

“Nagios is an integral part of our infrastructure. By notifying us immediately of a service outage, we were able to rectify the issue before our customers and end users experienced any problems.”

-Jared Bird, Network Security Admin
Sunrise Community Banks

“With Nagios, the efficiency and proactivity levels of the human and technological resources were raised. The troubleshooting time decreased. Valuable and precise information is presented when needed in well organized reports.”

– Marco Aponte, E-Services S.R.L.

“Sysadmin and development staff actually slept through the night. Nagios fixed problems as they arose, and uptime from the site as an aggregate increased from ~85% to over 98% annually.”

-Eric Loyd, CEO

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