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    Introduction to Nagios Network Analyzer

    Our experts provide an in-depth look at all network traffic sources and potential security threats to quickly gather high-level information regarding the health of your network.

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Provide network information for your entire IT infrastructure and ensure that systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. In the event of a security threat or unexpected bandwidth spike, Nagios Network Analyzer can alert you to begin remediation processes before outages affect business processes.

  • Comprehensive Dashboards provide you with a high-level overview of sources, checks, network flow data and much more. See at-a-glance metrics of all your network devices and be in tune with your network’s health and bandwidth statistics.
  • Intuitive Visualizations help you see network flow data in easily understandable graphs. Logarithmic graphing provide quick, in-depth insights on bandwidth usage and network traffic health.
  • Alert users when suspicious activity is detected and prevent network compromises that maintain network security. Drill down with the “top talkers” list to quickly pinpoint problem devices and see who is using the most bandwidth.
  • Multi-Tenancy capabilities allow your team to work together efficiently and effectively to keep the network running smoothly. Read-only user access allows for a look inside the network flow data while ensuring a secure environment for system administrators.
  • Specialized Views provide you with quick access to archived query data in a network “snapshot.” Views let you keep track of problematic network devices and maintain historical network flow data for extended periods of time for additional analysis.
  • Automated Alert System sends alerts when abnormal activities take
    place, or when bandwidth usage exceeds your network thresholds. Email notifications, Nagios alerts, & SNMP trap information can all be used to alert you of problems that arise on the network with the help of easy-to-use alert wizards.
  • Specialized Views seamlessly integrate Nagios Network Analyzer with Nagios XI to see exact server loads and hard disk space in the XI system. Easily create Nagios checks within Network Analyzer to send critical system metrics to your Nagios XI monitoring interface with the click of a button.
  • Custom Application Monitoring use queries, reports, and graphs to provide you with the ability to monitor network usage to ensure business processes are running smoothly.


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