• Introduction to Nagios Network Analyzer

    Our experts provide an in-depth look at all network traffic sources and potential security threats to quickly gather high-level information regarding the health of your network.


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Nagios Network Analyzer provides granular insight into your network traffic by collecting flow data from your flow-enabled network devices and servers, enabling you to become a network detective. Monitoring tools like Nagios XI have great value in providing you with alerts when interfaces are overworked, and Network Analyzer adds a powerful additional layer of insight by helping you understand the specific events that led to the saturation.
  • Reports provide Top Talkers data based on a variety of criteria such as source/destination IP, source/destination port, flows, packets, and bytes.
  • Queries can be customized to narrow down the data to highly granular subsets so you can focus on the exact types of traffic that you wish to review.
  • Alerts can be generated based on a variety of criteria, so that you will be automatically notified when specific types of flows are detected on your network. Network Analyzer can also send an SNMP trap upstream, or execute a script when a problem is found.
  • Chord Diagrams help you quickly visualize which ports and IPs are communicating via your network devices.
  • Views enable you to quickly filter reports and alerts, and retain granular flow data for certain types of traffic for a custom time period.
  • Easy Integration of reports, queries, and alerts with Nagios XI for centralized visibility and alerting of items being monitored by both applications.


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  • Extensive Network Analysis
  • Automated Alerting
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  • Multi Tenancy
  • Nagios XI Integration
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