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    Introduction to Nagios Fusion

    Display the status of both Nagios XI and Nagios Core servers, making it an ideal solution for keeping track of the status of monitored elements across your entire network.

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Gain insight into the health of your organization’s entire network through a centralized view of your  infrastructure. Tactical overview screens display the status of hosts and services monitored by all Nagios Core and Nagios XI servers deployed throughout your organization, enabling faster problem detection and resolution.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of monitoring servers and distributed environments in order to gain valuable insight regarding the overall health of your network.
  • Intuitive Visualization through easy to understand charts and graphs provide quick, in-depth insights on server health and monitoring effectiveness.
  • Centralized Management provides admins with the ability to manage their monitoring servers regardless of their geographical location. Fuse servers from across the globe in one master dashboard for instant network analysis.
  • Easy Authentication allows you to submit your server credentials once and access all of your monitoring servers from within Fusion. Easily access individual XI servers with the click of a button.
  • Custom Views allow you to see exactly what is happening on your network. Get insights on top alert producers, recent alerts, network incidents, and custom server metrics all included on a rotating dashlet. Display in a NOC with useful, actionable data sets to ensure efficient, timely response to network problems.


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  • Customizable Views
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