• Introduction to Nagios Fusion

    Display the status of both Nagios XI and Nagios Core servers, making it an ideal solution for keeping track of the status of monitored elements across your entire network.


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Nagios Fusion provides a centralized tactical display of status data from multiple Nagios Core and Nagios XI servers across your infrastructure. Perfect for organizations running multiple Nagios servers in a distributed model, Nagios Fusion offers a single pane of glass for faster problem detection and resolution.

  • Tactical displays showing consolidated status data from all of your Nagios servers so you’ll never miss a problem again.
  • Dashboards enable you to create custom displays showing everything from aggregated views of many Nagios servers to performance graphs for individual services.
  • Views provide an auto-rotating series of tactical displays, URLs, and custom dashboards perfect for the bigscreen in your network operations center.
  • Quick access enables you to click through to the interfaces of your individual Nagios servers, including single-click access to filtered lists of objects in certain status’.
  • Multitenancy means that each user accessing Fusion will have custom visibility and capabilities not only in Fusion, but when clicking through to each individual Nagios XI server.
  • Customizable performance enables you to determine how often Fusion polls each of your Nagios servers on a per-server basis.
  • Flexible platform is an excellent option for both Nagios XI, and Nagios Core open source.
  • Highly scalable system is an excellent solution for even the largest environments.


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