• Nagios Network Analyzer Change Log

    The following are the recent changes to Nagios Network Analyzer

2.4.3 - 03/16/2021

  • Updated nfdump to patched version that fixes total bytes amount given [TPS#15440] -JO
  • Fixed issue with reap_files.py script removing the last digit from the summary data -JO
  • Fixed Chord diagrams cutting off the IP addresses (can also hover over IP and wait for popup) [TPS#15438] -JO
  • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability on col option for sources read (CVE-2021-28925) (thanks Lucas Carmo from STOLabs) -JO
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability on Source > Query page (CVE-2021-28924) (thanks Lucas Carmo from STOLabs) -JO

2.4.2 - 12/22/2020

  • Updated install to work with CentOS/RHEL 8/Stream, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and Debian 9/10 -JO
  • Updated report PDF generation to make reports easier to read -JO
  • Updated backend to work with Python 3.x -JO
  • Updated RRDtool to version 1.7.2 -JO
  • Updated nfdump to version 1.6.22 -JO
  • Updated jQuery to version 3.5.1 to fix security vulnerabilities -JO
  • Updated Highcharts to version 7.2.2 -JO
  • Fixed issue with rrdtool import cache being written to system tmp instead of nagiosna tmp [TPS#14830] -JO
  • Fixed Expiration Date displayed for LDAP/AD certificates in the LDAP/AD management page [TPS#15407] -JO
  • Fixed mod_ssl not installed by default on CentOS/RHEL systems [TPS#15130] -JO
  • Fixed change_timezone.sh script to accommodate newer systems when setting php timezone value [TPS#15268] -JO

2.4.1 - 11/21/2019

  • Updated SourceGuardian loaders to now support PHP versions up to 7.3 -JO
  • Updated jQuery to a patched version 1.12.4 to fix CVE-2019-11358 -JO
  • Fixed typo in Bandwidth graph on Summary page showing Bytes/Sec instead of Bits/Sec -JO
  • Fixed wording for encryption STARTTLS in LDAP/AD Integration -JO
  • Fixed issue with LDAP naming context on certain types of LDAP servers -JO
  • Fixed abnormal behavior check showing in alert creation modal when it can not be selected -SAW
  • Fixed issue with LDAP/AD certificate management when binary data is in the certificate [TPS#14690] -JO

2.4.0 - 02/14/2019

  • Added ability to create active checks for abnormal behavior [TPS#1019] -SAW
  • Added ability to manage certificates for AD/LDAP from web interface [TPS#5987] -SAW
  • Fixed display port on sources page [TPS#8136] -SW
  • Fixed issue with different OS installations -SW
  • Fixed issue with newer Debian 9 os-release not passing as a valid OS for install -JO

2.3.2 - 04/10/2018

  • Updated nfdump to version 1.6.16 (contains security fixes) - SAW
  • Changed ip field to addresses field in API to create sources [TPS#13071] -JO

2.3.1 - 01/03/2018

  • Fixed entering key when trial expires -JO
  • Fixed language files with improper languages in them -JO

2.3.0 - 08/29/2017

  • Added a few different LDAP account types to import from [TPS#12080] -JO
  • Added 2h, 4h, 6h, 12h options and default to 2h (Thanks Steve B.) -JO
  • Added updating the firewall to remove port when source is removed on default system firewall configurations [TPS#10268] -JO
  • Added state information into email alerting -JO
  • Updated encrypted files to support PHP 7.0 and 7.1 -JO
  • Updated RRDTool to version 1.7.0 -JO
  • Updated nfdump to version 1.6.15 -JO
  • Updated check output to not have backticks in it for easier use in scripts [TPS#12196] -JO
  • Updated Report and Query backend to be ~10% faster and not use exceptions -JO
  • Fixed a bug where swap and memory statistics were displaying wrong values on CentOS 7 [TPS#9965] -LG
  • Fixed removing a source from a source group when none are selected [TPS#11502] -JO
  • Fixed importing from AD/LDAP using slashes -JO
  • Fixed custom reports not updating graphs due to CSRF token failure [TPS#11982] -JO
  • Fixed wording of netflow data to show proper "Bits/Sec" field and updated interface to show Gi and Mi [TPS#10814] -JO
  • Fixed hostname needing to be unique when adding host/service alert for Nagios via NRDP [TPS#12388] -JO

2.2.3 - 08/15/2016

  • Fixed form authorization error on admin LDAP/AD add/edit server pages -JO

2.2.2 - 08/01/2016

  • Fixed PDFs not rendering properly [TPS#8845] -JO
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities [TPS#9138] (thanks John Page aka HYP3RLINX) -JO
  • Fixed session key value to be more secure -JO
  • Fixed broken alert causing alerting for that source/group to stop [TPS#7983] -JO

2.2.1 - 06/03/2016

  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities -JO,LG
  • Fixed epel-release install problem -JO

2.2.0 - 01/04/2016

  • Updated sourceguardian loaders supporting up to php 5.6 -SW
  • Added --enable-nsel to nfdump to provide support for Cisco ASAs -JO
  • Added nfdump upgrade/recompile on upgrade -JO
  • Added character-based language support in PDFs -JO
  • Added backup and restore scripts and a Backup section in Admin for backup management [TPS#5116] -LG
  • Fixed PDF generation on servers forcing https -SW
  • Fixed source names to allow dashes in names -JO
  • Fixed the deleting of AD/LDAP servers -SW
  • Fixed raw data warning on timeframe > raw data lifetime -JO
  • Fixed bug causing edited sources to revert to Netflow even if they were sFlow sources [TPS#7117] -SW
  • Fixed multiple bugs when exporting graphs by updating highcharts to v4.1.9 [TPS#5440] -LG
  • Fixed bug to require Hostname/Servicename to be unique in Alerts > Nagios Setup > New Service/Hostname [TPS#5478] -LG
  • Fixed bug to set language as 'default' when importing an AD/LDAP user [TPS#6327] -LG
  • Fixed bug in Source list and Source view pages to display 'Start' and 'Stop' correctly [TPS#6237] -LG
  • Fixed bug in Alerting > Checks where Status colors were not working on languages other than english [TPS#6372] -LG
  • Fixed bug in Alerting table where the Last Stdout column was showing the wrong Bytes, Flows, Packets or Bytes/sec, which broke the alert [TPS#6371] -SS, LG

2R1.0 - 03/04/2015

  • Added AD/LDAP user authentication -JO
  • Added AD/LDAP import user functionality -JO
  • Added ability to download reports/queries/percentile pages as PDFs -JO
  • Added global value to try and resolve hostnames for IP addresses on summary, reports, and queries pages and graphs (if it can resolve via DNS) -JO
  • Added hostname caching for the resolve DNS ability so that reports/queries don't take as long to generate with resolve DNS turned on -JO
  • Added ability to change timezones from the web UI -JO
  • Added warning text on queries/reports when the begin date is longer than the raw data lifetime -JO
  • Added script to reset nagiosadmin password from the command line -JO
  • Added user-based dashlet options to dashboard page -JO
  • Added new graph popups on report/query pages -JO
  • Added the ability to execute a local script (and pass arguments) on an alert -JO
  • Added a new "percentile calculator" that allows you to calculate 95th (or more) percentiles on sources, views, and sourcegroups -JO
  • Added popup on source groups page when there are more than 5 sources listed to reduce clutter and created the 'show more' link -JO
  • Added support for CentOS/RHEL 7 -JO
  • Added tooltip when hovering over % bytes in summary top talkers section that shows data amount sent -JO
  • Added daily log rotation for backend.log and 7 days to be kept -JO
  • Added setting to sources to disable abnormal behavior checking -JO
  • Added advanced setting to sources to specify location of raw flow data upon source creation -JO
  • Added a 'Check for Updates' section in admin panel -JO
  • Added ability for updates to be applied from the web UI in the 'Check for Updates' section -JO
  • Updated styles in admin panel -JO
  • Updated printing CSS styles to make pages right-click printable -JO
  • Updated the styles on the dashboard and summary pages to have less open space -JO
  • Updated Highcharts to v4.1.1 for better graph performance -JO
  • Updated RRDTool to 1.4.9 -JO
  • Updated parts of the report/query pie graph and chord diagrams -JO
  • Updated summary page top talkers section to tell user when they are looking beyond the raw flow data -JO
  • Removed the ip address requirement for sources since they aren't necessary (multiple ips have always been able to send to one source's port) -JO
  • Checks tab on the "Alerting" page now shows the type of check and where it is sending (if anywhere) -JO
  • Fixed bug with views not automatically expiring raw data at the set raw data lifetime value -JO
  • Fixed bug on summary page where top talkers would srcip instead of each individual target if upgraded to a specific version -JO
  • Fixed license check for some RHEL versions -JO
  • Fixed bug where apikey would get reset when editing user accounts -SW
  • Fixed bug where nfcapd processes wouldn't start on server restart -BD
  • Fixed bug that caused some characters (like ? and ') to give invalid report/query name errors -JO
  • Fixed bug where source listings throughout network analyzer did not list sources alphabetically by name -JO
  • Fixed bug where alerts aren't sorted alphabetically -JO
  • Fixed bug in reports where highlighting on saved reports always defaults to the select box instead of the toporder in the report -JO
  • Fixed bug where deselecting all associated alerting methods would not actually unassociate any of them -JO
  • Fixed bug when creating a chord diagram with 4000+ unique ip addresses that caused the python generation script to error -JO

2014R1.9 - 06/17/2014

  • Updated CI to 2.2.0 for security fixes -JO
  • Fixed bug with database migration not working correctly when upgrading from 1.7 -JO

2014R1.8 - 06/03/2014

  • Fixed bug causing NNA not to continue if it can't connect to XI (aka NRDP checks can now be sent to core) -JO
  • Fixed issue where old NNA servers wouldn't migrate to the new "All Sources" -JO

2014R1.7 - 04/15/2014

  • Fixed bug that wouldn't allow deleting sourcegroups from the summary page -JO
  • Added a new source group called "All Sources" that all sources will be added into -JO
  • Added api calls for product information (version, release number, etc) -JO
  • Added a new button on Queries/Reports page that shows how to run them using the API via HTTP request -JO

2014R1.6 - 03/14/2014

  • Fixed print preview/print view -JO
  • Fixed email validation to allow internal email addresses too (such as user@hostname) -JO
  • Fixed a bug where queries were not using custom date time properly -JO
  • Added some needed changes to the API for more Nagios product integration -JO
  • Added the ability to change the max amount of relations shown on the chord diagrams in global settings -JO
  • Fixed additional bug causing problems starting sources on 32bit versions of Network Analyzer -SW

2014R1.5 - 02/28/2014

    2014R1.4 - 02/06/2014

      2014R1.3 - 12/12/2013

        2014R1.2 - 11/05/2013

          2014R1.1 - 10/24/2013

            2014R1.0 - 09/26/2013

            • initial release