Monitor and manage your logs for free with Nagios Log Server.

Nagios Log Server’s enterprise-level monitoring and management solutions are now available for FREE indefinitely with a 500mb/day limit based on a 7-day rolling average! Our newest pricing tier allows you to use a basic version of the tool, free of … Read More

Nagios Earns 2015 Network Monitoring Application of the Year Award from Linux Questions

Nagios wins Network Monitoring Application of the year! The polls are closed and the results for the 2015 Members Choice Awards are in! Nagios was again voted the #1 Network Monitoring Application for the 9th consecutive year! Nagios has … Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Nagios Enterprise and LINBIT Release High Availability Solution for Nagios XI

Nagios Enterprises and LINBIT are excited to announce their joint release of a proven High Availability (HA) solution for Nagios XI. LINBIT and Nagios collaborated on a technical paper outlining best practices to achieve HA for your existing Nagios XI … Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Newly-released Nagios XI 5 Offers Unmatched User Experience

Nagios Enterprises, LLC is pleased to announce the anticipated release of Nagios XI 5, the newest version of the popular Nagios XI program. “We’ve listened to our users and have worked hard to release a product that will continue to … Read More

Nagios Log Server 2015r2.2 Released

We have released Nagios Log Server 2015r2.2.  This again is a release just targeting bugs related to internationalization and the upgrade to elasticsearch 1.60 DOWNLOAD–> Below is the full change list: – Remove disabling of bloom filters from maintenance … Read More