IT backup strategy

IT Advice for COVID-19: Reevaluating Your IT Backup Strategy

  IT teams worldwide are updating and refining their IT processes and procedures to support employees that are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay-at-home orders have made it increasingly complex for IT teams to manage and monitor their … Read More

Monitoring Remote Servers and Devices

IT Advice for COVID-19: Monitoring Remote Servers and Devices

Stay-at-home orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic are keeping IT teams across the world out of their physical office spaces. These virus containment strategies create new challenges for how IT teams approach remote server and device management.  We’ve been talking … Read More

Monitoring Third-Party Vendors

IT Advice for COVID-19: Monitoring Third-Party Vendors

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life for every family, community, and business. IT teams are feeling this shock most acutely through the rapid and fundamental changes to the architecture of their organization’s IT infrastructure.  We’ve spoken with numerous clients over … Read More

remote IT monitoring

COVID-19 and Remote IT Monitoring: Top Considerations for IT Teams

As the world races to slow the spread of COVID-19, IT teams are racing to ensure their company’s IT infrastructure can continue supporting the influx of remote workers. Here at Nagios, our top priority is to help you identify ways … Read More

Log Server 2.1.3 Release

Log Server 2.1.3 is now available! This new release improves LDAP/AD integrations for users who were unable to log into new accounts after being imported into NLS. Those users who were unable to log in prior to the upgrade should … Read More

Nagios Update: XI 5.6.9

  Nagios XI 5.6.9 has been released! This maintenance release improves the performance of the Nagios Data Output (NDO) database by eliminating duplicate host/service entries. Other improvements address the addition of multiple free variables to hosts and services through the … Read More

8 Things You Should Be Monitoring

Here at Nagios, we live and breathe monitoring. The exciting opportunity for us is hearing about all of the creative, practical, critical, and insightful ways our solutions benefit your environments. We like to think of infrastructure monitoring as not just … Read More

Log Server 2.1.2 Release

Nagios Log Server 2.1.2 is here! This update includes improvements related to Real-Time alerting as well as a few translation updates for certain operating systems. We also tightened up user permissions and security for restricted access accounts. To see the … Read More

Nagios Update: XI 5.6.8

Nagios XI 5.6.8 is now available! This bug fix release addresses a number of security improvements as well as a fix to the Business Process Intelligence (BPI). SourceGuardian loaders now support PHP versions up to 7.3 and our SLA report’s … Read More

Cybersecurity with Nagios Log Server

Cybersecurity and Nagios Log Server

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, companies can no longer rely on a simple plan or checklist when it comes to cybersecurity. The sophistication of attackers and the complexity of today’s digital engagement requires companies to constantly be evolving their … Read More