Nagios Network Analyzer

Elevate network management with advanced NetFlow analysis and comprehensive network insight. Experience the pinnacle of network control.

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Introducing Network Path Monitoring

 A virtual roadmap of your network data. Track and reveal the path, latency, and potential points of failure or congestion in your network.

Empower Your Network with
Cutting-Edge Technology

Enhance network performance and security with innovative tools that redefine network management and safeguarding.


In-Depth Insights & Bandwidth Utilization

Gain superior network insight with advanced alerting and deep data analysis. Customize reports easily with the bandwidth utilization calculator.

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Optimal Clarity

Quickly assess network health and threats with detailed traffic and bandwidth insights.



Craft a Network Analyzer environment tailored to your network’s needs.


Blazing Fast, Remarkably Efficient

Experience peak performance and easy alert setup with our intuitive web interface, seamlessly integrated with Nagios XI for enhanced network security.

Fortify Your Network Management

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