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Introducing Nagios XI 5

The most powerful and trusted IT infrastructure monitoring solution on the market just got better.

  • Install and deploy in under an hour using built-in monitors, alerts and active reports.
  • Monitor and fix capacity and performance issues across all applications, storage, websites, and any virtualization with one powerful dashboard. 
  • Got MSSQL or Mysql servers? Oracle? Discover and fix performance issues fast.
  • Nagios XI 5 Auto-Discovery increases and improves your overall IT security protocols by locating applications and processes you may need to monitor, or detect rogue computers on your network.
  • Map devices while displaying link connection.
  • Experience increased visibility into performance, fault, configurations, traffic and more. Monitor and manage your network with confidence.

Designed for scalability and flexibility, XI 5 makes problematic IT monitoring tasks simple.                                                                                                                                                                        Download your 30-day free trial now >>>

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Nagios XI 5 Overview

Nagios XI 5 arrives with over 200 enhancements and improvements. Learn more about them below.

What's New in Nagios XI 5?

New API Allows Programmatic Changes

A new API has been added, allowing you to programmatically create hosts and services, modify configuration values, add and modify user rights, and apply configuration. Additionally, read access is also available for objects, such as statuses, contacts, logs and downtime. Full instructions are also now available in the Help section of the software.

A Cleaner and Faster UI

You can more intuitively navigate the web UI, including icons highlighting key elements. Additionally, all dropdown lists in the interface have easy type-ahead filtering to quickly find the element you are looking for.

Faster Navigation Through Wizards

As the quantity of easy-configuration wizards has increased over time, we have placed filters to quickly find the type of wizard you are looking for, either by category or by the wizard’s name

A More Robust Quick Search

Fast quick search navigation takes you immediately to hosts, host groups, and service groups. Actions often take place in pop out windows instead of changing pages. Acknowledgement, comments, scheduling downtime, etc. have all been changed to occur within a pop out window on in-use pages, keeping the relevant page in view at all times.

Smarter Wizards

WMI, and SNMP wizards have been improved to actually poll the device you are going to monitor and will list all of the drives (mount points), services and processes that can be monitored, allowing you to easily see what is currently running on the server and help decide the items you may want to monitor.

Auto Discovery Provides More, Faster

New Auto Discovery wizard has improved OS detection providing a percentage of accuracy while performing the scan up to 10 times faster than previous versions. Additionally, an optional delay can be used when the scan is being performed to avoid tripping intrusion detection systems

Wizard Templates

Nagios XI 5 has an option to save user or global templates for wizards, which will save default values for items like contacts, contact groups, hostgroup, servicegroups, check intervals, etc. Once a template is saved, it can be used on future runs of any configuration wizard to pre-populate the values defined. Templates can be saved per user or on a global basis if the user is an administrator.

Customizable Email Notification Priority

Individual users now have the ability to specify priority level to emails for each type of notification. This allows you to set a high priority level for host down, or service
critical notification, leaving other notifications at standard priority. This allows for quick filtering on the end users’ mail client.

Upgraded LDAP And AD Component

Administrators can now configure multiple AD/LDAP servers to be used for authenticating users. Additionally, users can be imported from AD/LDAP servers into Nagios XI.

Auto-upgrade Components / Wizards

When new component and configuration wizards are available, administrators have the ability to automatically install the latest version, either individually or for all
available updates, with a single click.

Intuitive Editing Of Views

Views in XI 5 can be edited and sorted, giving the end user the flexibility to change their Views and rotation order over time

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