Nagios XI 5.3.4 Released

Nagios XI 5.3.4 includes a fix for several bugs. This is a bug fix-only release and does not contain new features.

Below is the full change list:

5.3.4 - 12/14/2016
- Fixed NTP on full install (was enabled but not started)
- Fixed apache cron permissions for backup and restore scripts
- Fixed sudo call for call to use full path
- Fixed use of * character in AD/LDAP directory/group names
- Fixed cancel button on multiple pages still submitted form
- Fixed shell scripts to use full path
- Fixed alias being updated when 'Name' field changed on user update
- Fixed missing delete button image on unconfigured objects page
- Fixed perfdata graph sizing on availability report
- Fixed system status layout on 2014 and classic themes
- Fixed multiple styling issues with 2014 and classic themes
- Fixed XML escaping to work properly on large values
- Fixed default last, avg, and max values to be set for perfdata graphs
- Fixed so shapes of highchart graph series data in legends will now match the tooltip in all template files

    Core Config Manager (CCM) - 2.6.3
    - Fixed issue where some objects (timeperiods, commands) could not view relationship info in popup
    - Fixed issue where Cancel button would not return to the view list when editing from a relationship link
    - Fixed session tracking adding sessions from localhost (when scripts are run on the CCM)

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