Nagios Log Server 2015r2.2 Released

We have released Nagios Log Server 2015r2.2. This again is a release just targeting bugs related to internationalization and the upgrade to Elasticsearch 1.60


Below is the full change list:

- Removed disabling of bloom filters from maintenance settings as they are no longer used in Elasticsearch > 1.4
- Fixed bug causing URL's in alert emails to have incorrect dates
- Fixed the stats panel description to display properly
- Fixed TopN help, which wasn't displaying properly
- Fixed bug causing Logstash config to target wrong cluster when adding instances until manual apply config happened
- Fixed per-instance configuration verification, which was defaulting to only verify global configurations
- Fixed per-instance views of configuration files; was defaulting to only show global configurations
- Fixed additional bug in curator and Elasticsearch 1.6.0 causing log backups to not be created
- Fixed bug causing space being added after each colon when trying to export a query
- Fixed many language strings remaining English even when different language was selected
- Fixed "typed" Reports showing blank


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