Introducing Nagios XI 5.8!

We’re especially excited to show you the big new features and enhancements of Nagios XI 5.8!

There are some real game-changers that will help you monitor more environments a lot more easily. Here’s what you should know:

Better Windows Monitoring

You asked for an MS Office wizard, and we listened! The new MS Office 365 wizard lets you monitor usage data, get inbox quota notifications, bill overages, and lots of other useful metrics!

Plus, a new step-by-step guide helps you deploy the Nagios Cross Platform Agent (NCPA) in a Windows environment more quickly and easily.

Easier Monitoring for Linux

The Linux Server and Workstation Wizards now natively include the Nagios Cross Platform Agent (NCPA), so you have more options when monitoring Linux applications and servers!

Use this with the new XI Deploy Agent functionality to manage the deployment of your agent to all Linux machines. (The old Linux Server Wizard is still available if you have everything setup with NRPE.)

Know What Changes and When

Track configuration changes in a multi-tenancy environment and know what was added, modified, or removed to fix errors faster and cut downtime.

Move Nagios Core Data to XI with a Few Clicks

The new Nagios Core Migration Tool lets you migrate nearly all Core data to XI with just a few clicks. Get your Nagios Core and Nagios XI instances streamlined and consolidated!


As always, we take cybersecurity extremely seriously. Besides keeping Nagios XI updated with security and performance improvements, the architecture of XI allows for true customization during installation, so you can see clearly into the product to ensure it’s aligned with security needs.

In contrast to Windows-only monitoring solutions, our flexible deployment strategy also allows Nagios XI in offline environments (at no extra cost) to provide a higher level of protection from outside attacks.

Learn more about Nagios XI 5.8!

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