The Definitive Comparison Guide: Nagios XI vs. Nagios Core

Evolution from Core to XI: Enhancing IT Monitoring Capabilities

The beginnings of our company are intertwined with the open-source movement, which spurred the creation of Nagios Core. Millions of users, including some of the biggest corporations and foreign governments on the planet, have downloaded and highly praised Core, an open-source IT monitoring program. It was the de facto standard in infrastructure monitoring.

Nagios Core told users whether a device was up or down. But as the world evolved and IT infrastructure monitoring became more complex, our Nagios community needed more: more insight, more reporting features, a fast and intuitive interface, and more ways to compare and dig deep into the data. The result was Nagios XI. Using Core as a fundamental component, XI was built to provide:

  • Faster capabilities
  • Easier user experience through built-in configuration wizards and monitoring guides
  • Data visualization
  • A built-in graphical user interface that makes it significantly easier to manage than Nagios Core
  • Formal support offerings that bring users into compliance with industry and government regulations
  • The tools and functionality allow users to discover the reasons and whys behind their monitoring data
  • Easier scalability for larger distributed networks
  • Additional security measures (multi-tenancy and built-in AD/LDAP integrations) 

Who Should Use Nagios Core and Nagios XI?

Nagios Enterprises continues to offer both Core and XI, but to very different customers.

Nagios Core users are often IT hobbyists, IT DIYers, or system administrators who have the time to create their own monitoring solution. Because the software was simply built to alert users to whether a system was up or down, any other use of Core must be created manually.

Nagios Core is perfect for:

  • System administrators who can spend a large amount of time working on the command line and manually coding tasks
  • Admins who only want to know if something on their network or in their IT infrastructure is up or down
  • Students who are learning flat text commands and code
  • Hobbyists who want to monitor their home
  • IT DIYers who monitor small or less complex business networks

Nagios XI was built to be an effective solution from day one. With graphs and reports, customizable dashboards, an integrated database, a backend API, multi-tenancy, wizards, and more, Nagios XI far exceeds anything Core can do in terms of usability and speed. Nagios XI empowers system administrators to work faster and smarter with a complete monitoring, alerting, graphing, and reporting solution.

Nagios XI is perfect for:

  • Any organization, from small nonprofits to large corporations, that experiences change and growth
  • Organizations that want to hit the ground running with a fully built-out monitoring solution rather than a basic solution that requires significant manual effort to fit their needs
  • IT teams with various levels of experience
  • IT teams that need to dig into the root cause of a problem and find exactly what’s happening and why
  • Organizations with a need and desire to better understand their IT infrastructure to make more intelligent business decisions
  • Organizations with continuously changing IT landscapes that need a solution that can monitor virtually anything

Already Using Nagios Core? Moving to Nagios XI is Easy and Automated with Version 5.8!

Whether you’re making a complete switch to Nagios XI or you’re folding Core instances into XI, we’ve made migration easier than ever with Nagios XI version 5.8. Migrate nearly all of your data with just a few clicks!

  • Import host and service configuration files
  • Import notification preferences and settings
  • Import hosts and service groups
  • The Nagios Support Team is on hand to assist; our full support offerings are included in a free Nagios XI trial

Nagios Core is like getting a really good combustion engine and a lot of spare parts to build your own car. It’s cheap to build, but it’ll take a lot of time. Anyone else who drives the car will need to know exactly how you put it together and will only drive it on specific roads and in specific weather conditions.

Nagios XI is like being handed a fully assembled electric sports car that anyone can learn to drive on any road in any weather condition.

Top Benefits Comparison: Nagios XI vs. Nagios Core

With the move from Nagios Core to the more intuitive Nagios XI, a system administrator handed off configuration duties to a less experienced administrator. This saved the admin eight hours a week that they can now put towards more high-level tasks.

Feature Comparison: Nagios XI vs. Nagios Core

Ready to save hours of time and get a better understanding of your infrastructure?

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