20160921132035-gettyimages-183875282“Big Data” has become a buzz word used to explain all kinds of data.  Here is a great article by Jenn Steele who wrote for Entrepreneur on the “6 Illusions Execs Have About Big Data.” 

“A decade ago, I thought I understood big data. I had worked in information technology for more than a decade and had run a department that handled docs for some of Boston’s more infamous litigation. I remember having to order new drives and storage appliances to handle the gigabytes and gigabytes of documents and emails that our hapless associates had to search and read through. That was a lot of data… or so I thought.

Fast-forwarding seven years and a career change, I found myself at Amazon running SQL queries against their data warehouse. The scope of that database honestly blew my mind; I had to figure out tricks to even pull down a week of summary data without having it choke or overflow Excel. I thought I’d understood what big data was, but it turns out that I had no clue.” Read more

Source: Jenn Steele, Entrepreneur