Google unveils a new non-Linux-based OS Fuchia, which apparently isn’t for the color sensitive.

Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)


Not only that, Fuchia runs the the kernel Magenta! Is it me, or is this a bit of color overkill.

Soon we will hear word of a new division on Alphabet called “Colors”…


At the moment Fuchsia is made up of two big parts. Magenta, which is the kernel, and the various tools, libraries and programs which take the raw Magenta kernel make it Fuchsia. At the heart of Magenta is the Little Kernel (LK), a small OS suited to small embedded devices and bootloaders. LK is tiny and has limited functionality beyond those needed for embedded systems. Magenta builds on top of LK to make an OS that is designed for systems which have more memory and which have peripherals (meaning it understands device drivers). For example, Magenta has the concept of a process whereas LK does not, Magenta has a user mode (where user programs run) whereas LK does not, and so on.

Source: What we learned from running Fuchsia, the mysterious new OS from Google | AndroidAuthority