Nagios XI Use Cases

For Managers

Proactive Alerting

Knowing when a network incident occurs is important, but being able to warned, create a plan of attack, and to execute it before the incident occurs is what’s truly valuable. Make sure your network stays up and running and mitigate the effects of system failures with Nagios XI.

Increase Awareness of Network Activity & Health

Nagios XI can provide the awareness necessary to make important, and well informed business decisions. Managers can use pre-built reports in Nagios XI to determine when new hardware is necessary, whether more staff will be needed to maintain the network, or see how well the website is running.

Capacity Planning

Nagios XI allows management to see the efficiency of the current infrastructure making it clear when additional routers, hard drives, and other hardware upgrades will be necessary before it becomes a problem that affects the business. Use XI to provide crucial baseline numbers and predict future bandwidth usage to aid in budgeting and financial planning.

Maintain Service-Level Agreements

Nagios XI has built-in SLA reporting capabilities making it easy for Managers to view the status of their SLAs and schedule periodic reports for performance evaluation. This allows management to address any issues that might occur when meeting an SLA and resolve the issue before it affects the end user.

For System Administrators

Detecting Network Incidents

Nagios XI provides the road map to your network incidents. When something goes wrong, Nagios XI lets you see exactly what happened, what needs to be fixed, and IT staff can quickly begin troubleshooting the problem. This saves organizations time and money because rather than spending time looking for the problem, staff can immediately work to resolve the incident before it affects critical business processes.

Alerting and Escalations

XI’s alerting features notify IT staff when incidents occur. If your staff has a tiered hierarchy, Nagios XI’s built-in escalation policies ensure that the proper tech staff are notified, and if the problem persists, the next level of IT staff, or management are notified. This allows organizations to implement emergency plans and ensure systems stay up and running in their environment.

Monitor System Metrics

Monitoring system metrics can be extremely valuable in order to keep your network running smoothly, or your website online. Nagios XI provides the tools necessary for IT staff to monitor server metrics and ensure they stay within designated thresholds. When metrics float outside the predefined thresholds, notifications are sent to IT staff alerting them of the issue, and helping them locate the problem.

Proactive Alerting

Nagios XI allows check thresholds to be set at both a warning and critical level allowing IT staff to address the problem during the warning stage, before the issue escalates into a full blown outage. Keep your systems running smoothly and proactively alert, resolve, and maintain your network with Nagios XI.

Configuring New Devices

A monitoring solution should make it easy to monitor things, right? We agree, which is why Nagios XI is jam-packed with easy-to-use configuration wizards so that when new devices need to be monitored, you can be up and running in minutes to ensure the security and health of your network.

Adapt as your Network Changes

Nagios XI was designed with flexibility in mind which means that as your network infrastructure evolves, new hardware is brought on, or you want to monitor something unique to your environment, Nagios XI can monitor it. Thousands of custom plugins are available on the Nagios Exchange and XI easily integrates custom scripts to monitor everything from devices and databases, to temperature, humidity, and the physical environment.

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