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Cybersecurity Nagios XI

Cybersecurity and Nagios XI

  In the ever-changing landscape of technology, companies can no longer rely on a simple plan or checklist when it comes to cybersecurity. The sophistication of attackers and the complexity of today’s digital engagement requires companies to constantly be evolving … Read More

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IT Horror Stories

IT Horror Stories V.2

  Last year, some Nagios employees shared past IT stories that still haunt them to this day. After posting the article, a few of you submitted your own horror stories for us to share!  We are thrilled to share some … Read More

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upgrading to Nagios XI from Nagios Core

Common Misconceptions of Upgrading to Nagios XI from Nagios Core

Nagios Core has millions of loyal users — and for good reasons. It’s a powerful open-source IT infrastructure monitoring and alerting tool with no licensing fee. However, the tool is highly technical, which could make scaling it difficult for growing … Read More

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Log Server 2.1.1 Release

Today we released Nagios Log Server 2.2.1! This update addresses a few bugs that have been reported in 2.1. We are also thrilled to announce the addition of Japanese translations thanks to the help of Chitose Sasaki! To see the … Read More

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Nagsio Core vs. Nagios XI

Nagios Core vs. Nagios XI: 4 Key Differences

It’s one of the most common questions we receive: Nagios Core vs. Nagios XI; what’s the difference? System administrators often find themselves comparing the Nagios Core tool, our open-source infrastructure monitoring to the Nagios XI product, our enterprise infrastructure monitoring … Read More

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Nagios Update: XI 5.6.7

Today we released Nagios XI update 5.6.7 which addresses a few bugs and now includes Nagios Core version 4.4.5. This newest version of Nagios XI also includes an IBM i component for easier monitoring. Bug fixes include a resolution for … Read More

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Migrating to Nagios XI

Nagios Core to Nagios XI: A roadmap for making the upgrade

Nagios Core to Nagios XI: A roadmap for making the upgrade   If you’ve been a Nagios Core user for a long time, migrating to Nagios XI, the enterprise version, may seem daunting. However, we’ve made it simple for Nagios … Read More

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Log Server 2.1 Release

We released an exciting new update for Nagios Log Server that now includes real-time alerting, scheduled reports and export options, granular user permissions, and much more! We created a page outlining all of the enhancements and new features. You can … Read More

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Nagios XI Customer Support Options

Nagios XI Customer Support Options: 4 support services for Nagios XI customers

Nagios’ robust user community and support forums are what drew millions of Nagios Core users to the open-source IT infrastructure monitoring and alerting product. Users join the online community to ask for help with their Nagios configurations, troubleshoot problems, share … Read More

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How to Launch Nagios XI

XI Jumpstart: Top Resources to Launch Monitoring with Nagios XI

  We want to make launching a new IT infrastructure monitoring solution as seamless as possible for system administrators and their teams. We created many resources on how to launch Nagios XI to help users start monitoring quickly and effectively. … Read More

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