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Nagios Update: XI 5.6.4

A new maintenance release for Nagios XI is now available! Update 5.6.4 improves the Metrics component as well as a new release of the Nagios Remote Data Processor (NRDP). To address some permission errors, a lock file used for applying … Read More

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When Monitoring Gets Cool

We wanted to share an internal story from our corporate headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Problem: After a specially catered lunch, one of our break room refrigerators was left slightly open due to the abundance of leftovers.  This room … Read More

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Preparing For Long Holiday Weekends

  This year the Fourth of July is on a Thursday which means many in the United States have an extended holiday weekend. Generally speaking, this time of year involves unplugging for a while to enjoy all of the amazing … Read More

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Nagios Update: XI 5.6.3

Today we released Nagios XI 5.6.3 which includes a number of updates related to security and permissions.  The PHPMailer library has been updated to 5.2.27 to address a number of notable security improvements.  We have also corrected a function inside … Read More

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Nagios + IBM i Monitoring

Nagios has always made it a priority to collaborate and innovate to meet the needs of an ever-changing IT market. In Fall of 2018, we caught wind of a story written by IT Jungle, Is Nagios The Future of Monitoring for … Read More

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Log Server 2.0.8 Release

We recently released an update for Nagios Log Server that improves messaging in e-mail templates when no log lines match the alerting query.  Additional updates include a fix for session IDs not re-initializing when logging in, and we also included … Read More

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Nagios XI 5.6.2 Release

Today we released Nagios XI update 5.6.2 which improves a few features.  The new Inbound E-Mail Processor now has the capability to accept HTML based messages. We also resolved an error message in the cleaner.log when using the Inbound E-Mail … Read More

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agent vs agentless

Agent-Based vs. Agentless Monitoring with Nagios

  Agent-Based vs. Agentless Monitoring with Nagios By: Shamas Demoret   One of the key strengths of Nagios XI is that it supports a wide variety of approaches for monitoring various operating systems, featuring both agentless and agent-based options. This … Read More

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Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring with Nagios

  Real-time Monitoring with Nagios By: Aaron Cieslicki   Here at Nagios we get asked whether our solutions provide real-time monitoring. The short answer is yes. To many of us at Nagios, though, the interesting question becomes: is real-time monitoring … Read More

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Nagios Update: XI 5.6.1

Today we released update 5.6.1 for Nagios XI which addresses a few fixes related to the event handler cron job and notifications. For users who have upgraded their PHP versions and are receiving an error while performing updates, a fix … Read More

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