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In a world that relies heavily on technology, the professionals producing the innovations are often overlooked.  To keep up with the rapid advances, ensure security and maintain infrastructures, a sizeable workforce is needed.  We often hear about new devices and technologies but never stop to think about the IT Professionals who created them.

60 years ago, there was no such thing as an IT Professional.  Today, companies put technology and IT Professionals at the center of their business operations.  The rise of technology and the IT Industry has fundamentally changed the way that companies structure their teams, generate revenue and plan for the future.

With the job outlook growing faster than average, IT Professionals have become a staple in every industry.  Technology jobs no longer exist only in the technology industry.  From Retail to Healthcare and Banks to Education, every company, in every country, needs a technology expert.

The current buzz around this “Tech Talent Crunch” has left us wondering WHERE HAVE WE COME FROM AND WHERE ARE WE GOING? 

We did our research and found some fascinating stats about IT Professionals.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Increase in mean wage over a decade’s time (2007 to 2017)


Technology Salaries, IT Salaries and Computer Salaries

According to the 2018 CIO Survey by Harvey/Nash:


Cloud Investment & Cloud Monitoring

Shortage of IT Professionals

Cyber Security

IT Budget Increase

Increase IT Employees

Chief Digital Officer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:


Predictions in Percentage Change in Employment 2016 – 2026


IT Employment Increase

With growth across the entire IT field, it will be fascinating if any role grows as fast as that of data management. Chief Data Officer roles are swiftly becoming essential as just in the last two years, 90% of global data was created. It is projected that 9 out of 10 organizations will have a CDO position by this year.

As companies across the board are investing in technology, ramping up their online presence and securing their infrastructures, IT professionals will no doubt have the upper hand in the job market in the years to come.

Now is the time for IT Professionals to stay up to date on comparable compensation, vamp up their networking skills (literally and socially) and land that perfect job.  Go get em!

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