To fix a few minor issues that occurred in Log Server 2, Nagios has released Log Server 2.0.6.  This maintenance release fixes some environment-related issues as well as some minor bugs found in the Kibana interface. Enjoy the newest version of Nagios Log Server by clicking “Download Now” below!

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Below is the full change list:

2.0.6 - 11/01/2018
- Added missing info to system profile script -CD,JO
- Added page refresh every 30 seconds to Alerts page [TPS#9078] -SW
- Added upgrade.log to be generated during upgrades [TPS#8676] -SW
- Fixed an issue where Auto-Created Snapshots would delete the newest snapshot when full [TPS#13572] - SAW
- Fix an issue where predefined alert queries would occasionally show as custom queries [TPS#13570] - SAW
- Fixed issue with STARTTLS mail option not setting the proper option -JO
- Fixed issue with bettermap not loading properly -SW
- Fixed fullinstall script to have an option to set NTP server using -t | --ntp-server arg [TPS#9444] -SW
- Fixed issue with base64 decoding of email templates on certain systems with PHP 7+ -JO
- Explicitly set umask to 0022 in fullinstall and upgrade scripts [TPS#9466] -SW