Nagios XI 5.5.6 was released today.  This version of XI includes updates to the Capacity Planning internal API, and various bug fixes.  In order to get the benefit of these updates make sure you are running the latest version.


Below is the Full Change List:

5.5.6 – 10/30/2018
– Updated PHPMailer to version 5.2.26 for security/bug fixes -JO
– Added documentation link to Deadpool Settings [TPS#11295] -SW
– Fixed Capacity Planning report issues with UTF-8 characters in host/service names -JO
– Fixed auth/session checks in Capacity Planning API calls -JO
– Fixed inconsistency with Hostgroup/Servicegroup members being pulled from the API causing dashlet issues in Fusion [TPS#13650] -SW
– Fixed creating performance graph dashlet on host/service status pages causing page to scroll to top [TPS#13671] -JO
– Fixed service config for ndoutils causing issues sometimes with starting when lock/sock exist -JO,BO
– Fixed sorting of MIBS to be case in-sensitive [TPS#10281] -SW
– Fixed default NRDP token to be set in config file on first visit to Admin -> Inbound Transfers [TPS#12198] -SW
– Fixed Gauge Bug where gauge would not display of the value was just 0 [TPS#13757] -SW
– Fixed Capacity Planning PDFs to have warning/critical lines when set to display automatically [TPS#13772] -JO

Core Config Manager (CCM) – 2.7.2
– Fixed not saving * selection for hostgroups and saving of negated hosts/hostgroups on services [TPS#13664] -JO
– Fixed slow loading of objects (hosts/services/etc) on large systems due to no limits on main SQL query [TPS#13692] -JO
– Fixed hosts and services menus go to the first page after a config is deleted or cloned [TPS#13766] -SW