As more and more IT workloads shift to cloud environments, managers and administrators have to decide how best to monitor cloud operations. AWS Cloud Watch is Amazon’s native machine monitoring service, and given that Cloud Watch monitors most significant metrics of the machine, IT staff are wondering what value of 3rd-party monitoring solutions like Nagios XI provide.


What (and where) else do you monitor?

The reality is that if you were an Amazon engineer, and only needed to monitor the performance of EC2 instances, Cloud Watch would be all you need. However, most IT professionals have some mixture of on-premise, cloud, application, and database monitoring to manage. In fact, some industry analysts are predicting that nearly 70% of enterprises will leverage more than one cloud provider by 2019. Most IT professionals are going to prefer to get all of their monitoring in one system whenever possible.


Get all of your monitoring with Nagios XI

Nagios XI delivers a solid integration with AWS Cloud Watch that brings all of your machine metrics into the XI interface. Using intuitive Configuration Wizards for monitoring your AWS instances, Nagios XI can display your AWS machine metrics on the same pane of glass as your application metrics, bandwidth metrics, and any other monitored metric in your environment.


Nagios XI is more than metrics

Metrics on their own have limited value. With powerful monitoring logic refined over more than 18 years of development, Nagios gives administrators the ability to respond automatically to situations as they occur. For example, with AWS EC2 on-demand instances, organizations only pay for the time the instance is running. The question remains, however, as to how much money organizations spend on forgotten, abandoned, and otherwise underutilized on-demand instances. With Nagios XI you can monitor for underutilization, and, based on conditions you set, shut down and eliminate spending on instances that are not delivering value. Nagios XI is highly customizable and extensible, with the power to successfully serve all manner of custom use cases.

When we include features such as fine-grained multitenancy, capacity planning, reporting and graphing, logging and NetFlow Integrations, it’s clear that most organizations are going to benefit tremendously from monitoring their entire IT estates with Nagios XI.


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