In our continued commitment to make Nagios safe, secure and user-friendly we are constantly making updates to our software. In order to get the benefit of these updates make sure you are running the latest version.

Nagios XI 5.5.3

Nagios XI 5.5.3 has been released. It includes some minor fixes and an update to Nagios Core 4.4.2 to fix some problems that weren’t patched in the last version of Core that was included in XI 5.5.2.

5.5.3 – 08/28/2018
– Updated Nagios Core to version 4.4.2 to fix some issues that weren’t patched in XI’s Core version -JO
– Fixed nom script that runs automated config backups to use full nagios config check instead of nagios init script -JO
– Fixed local backups not getting pruned [TPS#13474] -SW
– Fixed issue with deadpool cron job not being able to delete host/services due to script changes -JO
– Fixed SNMP Trap Interface issue with deleting defined traps on Postgres upgraded systems [TPS#13480] -JO
– Fixed SLA report to have show/hide details links in hostgroup/servicegroup SLA reports [TPS#13479] -JO
– Fixed SNMP Trap Interface issue where timestamps would sometimes show all zeroes [TPS#13508] – SAW
– Fixed Manage MIBs “Process All Traps” button to use the same MIB conversion rules as the “Add to SNMPTT” option – SAW
– Fixed SNMP Trap Interface issue where Show Test File Contents/Show Unknown Trap Log could freeze the browser – SAW


Nagios Log Server 2.0.5

2.0.5 – 08/30/2018
– Fixed issues with languages in Dashboard section not properly translating [TPS#13420] -JO
– Fixed check update section not translating properly [TPS#13512] -JO
– Fixed various XSS vulnerabilities [TPS#13388,13390] -JO


Nagios Fusion 4.1.5

This release is a minor security (vulnerability fixes) and minor bug fix release.

4.1.5 – 08/07/2018
– Change Custom URL dashlet to not be a core dashlet allowing it to be removed [TPS#13412] -SW
– Fixed BPI dashlet showing broken data when only one BPI group exists on the XI server [TPS#13380] -JO
– Fixed adding new users with AD/LDAP from the API [TPS#13467] -JO
– Fixed allowing local auth login for AD/LDAP users when local auth login checkbox has not been checked [TPS#13469] -JO
– Fixed performance graph dashlet not working with XI 5.5+ systems [TPS#13457] -JO
– Fixed XSS in fusionwindow parameter [TPS#13368] -JO