You asked, Nagios delivered.  Complete with Nagios Log Server integration and LDAP/AD integration, Nagios Fusion is better than ever.  Enjoy the newest version of Nagios Fusion by clicking “Download Now” below.

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Below is the full change list:

4.1.1 - 2/19/18

- Added multiple Log Server related dashlets [TPS#12805] -CN
- Added humanize_filesize function to (taken from XI) -CN
- Added function for printing a table pager for dashlets -CN
- Added license activation and added activation from inside the license pages -JO
- Added check for upgrades page/dashlet like other products -JO
- Added upgrade from the GUI like other products -JO
- Updated views.js to reset timer when leq 0, instead of equal [TPS#12589] -SAW
- Updated fusion to not rely on a 'nagiosadmin' user [TPS#12606] -SAW
- Updated custom home page to allow external sites [TPS#12553] -SAW
- Fixed administrators being able to be excluded (can no longer be excluded from seeing server data) [TPS#12569] -SAW
- Fixed nagiosadmin ser so it can be unset as admin (similar to XI) and last admin cannot unset their own account as admin [TPS#12606] -SAW
- Added AD/LDAP authentication component [TPS #12510] - CN
- Added several dashlets for integration with Nagios Log Server [TPS #12805] -CN
- Added Nagios Log Server authentication support [TPS #12805] -CN
- Updated auto login authentication methods to support XI 5.5+ [TPS #12879] -CN
- Added API & various endpoints [TPS #12856] -CN
- Added way to monitor and clear polling locks from the admin menu [TPS #12675] -CN
- Added support for Javascript flash messages -CN
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